10 Most Innovative and Practical Features of the Uber Clone App 2023

10 Most Innovative and Practical Features of the Uber Clone App 2023

A booming sector and topic of conversation is the taxi booking app. Can you imagine your life today without these taxi booking and rental apps? Entrepreneurs are now thinking about developing taxi apps due to the enormous growth of online taxis.

Simply said, there is a lot of competition in the taxi industry. One crucial consideration is that your app needs to be able to stand out from the crowd. Consequently, another element influencing the success of a taxi app solution is a reliable taxi booking app development business. When you are hiring an app development company, make sure that it is familiar with the technology involved in developing taxi applications. Thus, developing a scalable app that allows your taxi booking business to expand and grow.

You may learn about their business prototyping and key features of the taxi app solution in this blog.

Below listed are the 10 most advanced and effective Ride-sharing features of the app

  • New UI/UX of sign-in and signup process

The revised UI/UX of the sign-in and sign-up flows places a strong emphasis on authentication using mobile numbers and OTPs. Using this new method, you can log in without having to remember your username and password.

  • Login using Face ID/ Fingerprint ID recognition

Users can easily log in using their Face ID or Fingerprint ID depending on their OS platform (Android or iOS). One of the main aspects of the Uber Clone App that has drawn customers as they book taxis is the biometric thing, which is now highly popular.

  • Taxi Booking using iWatch App

The wearable technology industry is booming. People are managing their tasks via their smartwatches in all areas, including health and grocery shopping. And that includes taxi bookings as well. V3Cube created this brilliant iWatch App that enables your Apple users to book taxis while on the go using their smartwatches. There is no need to take out your phone because you can confirm the cab, pay for the taxis, check the ETA, and even give comments through your Apple Watch.

  • Live Status of the Taxis Tracking

Real-time GPS tracking of the taxi driver is one of the key components of a user app. Here, the traveler can monitor the progress of the trip as it happens. Also, the user can update friends and family on the state of the ride by sending them the URL to the current ride. The driver app’s en-route feature is essential for assisting him in getting to the drop place without incident.

  • Multiple Languages/Currencies

Launching your taxi booking app in a variety of currencies and languages can significantly boost the visibility of your taxi brand. The ride-sharing software may be launched in your choice of 25 different languages and currencies, including English and the US dollar (USD). You can essentially start your ride-hailing service anywhere in the world thanks to this. 

  • Video Calling Taxi Driver

The rider and the driver can video call one another in case there is a miscommunication or if they simply want to convey landmarks without disclosing contact information. This in-app feature enables seamless communication.

  • Restricted Driver’s Fraud

Your taxi company can benefit greatly from a fair-practices app. A driver cannot mark “arrived” before getting to the destination thanks to the software’s limited driver fraud protection.

  • Multiple payment options

The app’s payment system is the most important component from a technical standpoint. Direct advance payments for travel should be made to clients without any issues; all customers should be able to pay with mobile wallets, cards, or cash. The taxi booking app developer must incorporate an in-app payment gateway with the preferred payment method.

  • Adding Multiple Credit Cards

Users have the option to add as many credit cards as they like. The app offers a safe way to add/remove credit cards and make hassle-free taxi fare payments.

  • Back To Back Trips

The driver can use this capability to receive fresh ride requests while he is still traveling. Drivers can spend less time waiting and more time earning by agreeing to these back-to-back journeys.

Final Thoughts

One of the most popular industries is the one related to mobility. Many are choosing to use Taxis rather than their own vehicles due to increased traffic and fuel costs. Have a look at our Uber Clone Taxi App Demo if you want to launch your taxi booking app in Asian nations like Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, or Cambodia, or if you want to cover places in the USA or UAE. We will work with you to create the most innovative and functional taxi booking app.

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