12 Truly Exceptional Content Marketing Examples You’ll Want to Model After

If you want to grow your business online by driving huge traffic to your website then a cost-effective and powerful way of doing this is content marketing. But sometimes creating a perfect strategy for content marketing is not possible due to a loss of inspiration. In such a situation a flawless strategy of content marketing can be created by getting some fresh ideas. Here I have rounded up 12 truly exceptional content marketing examples you’ll want to model after.

1.Zomato – The people of around 24 countries use a popular mobile app known as Zomato to find the restaurants near their locality. In the strategy of marketing that this company follows, an element of humor is also included. According to them, success can be achieved even by following a minimalist approach. The company pays attention to entertaining its customers by being creative and simple. Their Facebook followers are around 1.9 million and their Twitter followers are nearly 1.4 million.

2.Shutterstock – If you are searching online for images of good quality then you can easily find them on a popular site known as Shutterstock. A large number of people consider this site reliable because here they can also find nice music and videos along with attractive images. Shutterstock markets its business online by creating attractive infographics.

3.Rolex – Content marketing is not so difficult even for a classical brand. You can easily understand this from the example of a popular brand known as Rolex. With the use of excellent photography, they show their brand’s timelessness and quality. Because of this, a large number of people have become their fans. Their Facebook followers are nearly 6.6 million and their Instagram followers are 7 million-plus.

4.Zendesk – Due to certain reasons a large number of people took interest in the alternatives of the services and products offered by Zendesk. After knowing this the company created a mini-site by hijacking the keyword phrase. The keyword phrase provided a significant position to the page online.

5.Blendtec – For keeping the audience engaged without making them feel bored this company uses viral videos. They took just 3 years for growing their sales by 700 % by showing a video series known as Will It Blend.

6.Old Spice – It is a popular company and is running since 1937. But there was a time when Old Spice was not able to give tough competition to others in the market. To deal with such kind of a situation they started following a new strategy in which they added humor to their ads and videos. The strategy worked and they regained their popularity.

7.JetBlue – It is an airline company and is much popular in the world. For showing their personality and brand values and for inspiring the audience they used video. There are a few examples in support of this statement like they created some video series such as quirky Flight Etiquette, flying with infants and along with this, they ran a campaign known as Reach Across the Aisle.

8.WPBeginner – For educating the audience this company followed a strategy of marketing the video content. They complemented their blog with the detailed tutorial guides available online. Because of this, the people who were facing problems in using WordPress were able to resolve their issues by visiting the YouTube channel of WPBeginner.

9.LinkedIn – For those who take interest in using LinkedIn in an effective manner LinkedIn can provide great help. As an example, if you want to use this platform to market your business then they can help you with their eBook. The users on this platform start taking more interest in it after seeing the stats and certain tips present on its landing page.   

10.Simply Business – This company is a perfect example of using content marketing for B2B businesses. They have raised their profile by attracting a large number of shares and links to their guides on providing education to customers.

11.The Joe Rogan Experience – This company creates podcasts and makes them available online. They have more than 8 million subscribers and a large number of people in the world take interest in listening to their podcasts. Several geniuses in content marketing are present in their team. The company displays each recording along with presenting its audio version. So, we can say that in just one shot they are promoting the content of 2 types. Joe Rogan also leverages YouTube and shares video on this platform that is related to his latest podcast going to be heard online. There are more than 10 million subscribers on his channel. For promoting those affiliate products and comedy shows that are new he takes help from such a huge audience.

12.Copyhackers – This company has been founded by Joanna Weibe and she has great knowledge about content marketing. The returning visitors as well as the new visitors can get much help in reaching the company website’s right section with the help of a video slide-in that Joanna has made. In order to make sure that only the right people access the right content the Copyhackers have personalized the user experience. This helps them make more sales by driving more conversions online.

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