3 Easy Ideas to Make Your Plain Dress a Head Turner with a Flower Lace Trim

If you have a plain dress and want to make it eye-catching, then you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, we are going to give you three amazing ideas on how you can make your plain dress utterly fascinating with the use of a flower lace trim. This transformation of your dress is not going to cost you a lot. So, be sure to tryone of them.

What You Will Need

  • Your plain dress
  • Flower lace trim
  • Tape measure
  • A needle and thread with the same color as your lace
  • Pearls, buttons, or any other items for embellishment (needed only if you go with the third idea)

Idea 1: Decorate the Edges and the Belt Area of the Dress

Get a flower lace trim in preferably contrasting color. While deciding on the color combination, make sure that the colors of the dress and the lace trim complement well. Since you will be decorating all the edges, measure the helm of the dress, the outer lining of sleeves (the complete circumference), the neckline, and the belt area(the waistline)to determine the length of lace trim.For safer side, order lace with extra length than you need.


  • Linethe lace trim over the helm properly, and hold it there with one hand.
  • Now, start sewing it from the downside by placing it right at the extreme end of the helm.
  • Once one side oflace is properly sewed into the dress’s helm, flatten your lace properly, and start sewing the upper side of the lace on the helm.
  • Then cut the lace at the finishing end. Do the same for other areas as well.

Note: If you want to cut the lace into pieces right in the beginning for convenience, don’t cut to the exact length.Allowsome margin to cope with any error.

Idea 2: Cover the Bodice Area with Flower Lace Trim

Another way to achieve a wonderful look is to cover the entire bodice area with a flower lace trim.

How to Do:

Before starting the sewing work, determine whether you want to add the lace to the bodice in a vertical or horizontal fashion.

To get a rough idea, you can place the lace over that area in both ways and then see which design you like more and which one will be easy for you to achieve an even pattern. Most designers go with horizontal fashion.

In this case, start from the bust area, then cover the upper area around the neckline and sleeve.In the end, cover the portion that remains above the waistline. It will help you maintain consistency and evenness in the design.

Idea 3: Make a Flower from a Floral Lace Trim and Attach It to the Dress

If you are looking for a simpler way to add a personal touch to your dress, then you can either choose to add a beautiful lace flower right abovethe line where your heart lies or at the center of the belt area. For a more dramatic effect, you can also choose to attach flowers randomly on the area below the waistline.

How to Make a Flower by a Floral Lace Trim:

  • To make a flower from a floral lace trim, cut the lace into pieces long enough to achieve a flower design.
  • Start bythreading the needle with a long craft thread.
  • Then, begin at the bottom end of the lace, run the needle up and down allthe way to another end of the same side.
  • Make sure to leave two tails of thread at each end.
  • Then, pull one end of the thread gradually to gather the lace until it attains a flower shape.
  • Tie the thread tightly into a knot. Then, fluff and adjust the shape of the flower.

You can make several layers like this to get a three-dimensional look. If you don’t want to add more layers, embellish the flower the way you want with pearls, felt, buttons, or anything you find suitable.

We hope you find these ideas helpful. Tell us which one you like the most and would like to try.

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