4 Things You Must Know About the Marijuana Processing Licenses

Are you thinking of getting marijuana (cannabis license) from Health Canada and aren’t sure where to start?  Then you came to the right place.

We’re about to take you through 4 questions about the marijuana processing license that we get all the time.  Let’s dive right in!

What does a marijuana processing license let you do?

Keen on entering the Canadian marijuana market to make marijuana goods for purchase? Before you can do as such, you’ll have to get the fundamental authorization from the controller, Health Canada. If you explicitly have any desire to make and bundle marijuana items available to be purchased (e.g., bundle dried rose/pre-rolls, edibles, separates, topicals) then you should hold one of the accompanying licenses under the Cannabis Act and Regulations:

  • Standard Marijuana Processing License
  • Micro Marijuana Processing License

What is best for me?  Standard Marijuana Processing License vs. Micro Marijuana Processing License?

The micro version of the processing license is best for more modest marijuana growers, as it just allows up to 600 kg of dried blossom to be handled every year. If a microprocessor has a micro-license, they will be allowed to handle more than 600 kg annually, considering that they are handling the marijuana developed from their own site.

Whereas the standard license class accompanies no restrictions on how much marijuana can be handled every year. Organizations or people that hold a standard marijuana license are permitted to produce, sell, and convey a limitless measure of marijuana every year.

Both the normal and micro weed production licenses take into consideration the deal and appropriation of marijuana items to other holders of these licenses or to commonplace and regional retailers.

What exercises might my business take part in with a marijuana processing license?

A marijuana processing license is an incredible decision for anyone that needs to work with marijuana and/or its subsidiaries, like oil, wax, hash, spread, and different concentrates. Organizations or people that are keen on creating marijuana items using all means other than proliferating, developing, or gathering ought to acquire a marijuana processing license.

The Cannabis Act and Regulations have permitted organizations in different business sectors – like food and drink, health, and individual consideration – to venture into the legitimate marijuana market, and deal items, for example, marijuana injected edibles, refreshments, skin creams, shower bombs, and tea sacks, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg! There are countless chances to be seized by holding a marijuana processing license.  Depending on the type of license you decide to acquire the benefits can vary so it’s very important to have all the information.

How would I conclude which marijuana processing license is best for my business or Individual needs?

While settling on a standard or micro-processing, you ought to think about the eventual fate of your marijuana business. It’s difficult to design, yet if you’re ready to do as such, it can save your business a ton of time and cash not too far off in the future to choose the standard processing license. For instance, assuming you expect to begin little and develop your business in a short measure of time, it could be ideal to get a standard marijuana license and continue with activities in a staged methodology. This would save you time (and cash) later down the road.

For more information about the variations of marijuana processing licenses or any other cannabis business compliance requirements, contact Cannabis License Experts.

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