4 Ways to start blood in urine treatment naturally

Have you ever had brownish or crimson urine? In that case, you might already have had hematuria. Hematuria is simply the presence of blood in the urine.

Any location along the urinary tract, from the kidneys to the urethra, might be the source of blood in the urine. Hematuria has many potential causes, such as kidney stones, a urinary tract infection, and strenuous exercise.

Sometimes the underlying issue could be more significant. But other times, it might signify a severe medical condition. In either case, it’s not something to disregard. There are numerous all-natural treatments available for the potential health issues that could be the cause of it.

So today, we will talk about ways to naturally start blood-in-urine treatment. If your symptoms persist for a long time, consider consulting the Best Urologist in Delhi through the Credihealth website.

What is blood in urine?

Hematuria or blood in urine is not a disease but a sign of another health issue. Red blood cells (RBCs) are abnormally present in the urine. When you have hematuria, your urinary tract—your kidneys or another organ—allows blood cells to infiltrate your urine.

4 Ways to start blood in urine treatment naturally based on the cause

The cause will determine the appropriate course of treatment. Depending on the cause of your hematuria, treatment options may include the following:

  • Using antibiotics to cure a urinary tract infection.
  • Trying a prescription drug to reduce an enlarged prostate.
  • Receiving shock wave therapy to dissolve bladder or kidney stones.

Sometimes no therapy is required.

You can always start blood in urine treatment naturally. Here are a few all-natural methods for treating a number of the potential root causes of hematuria.

  • UTI-

A urinary tract infection can frequently bring on hematuria. Fortunately, numerous natural home remedies can relieve the symptoms of a UTI, including blood in the urine.

  • Your doctor could advise you to drink more fluids, mainly water. Because it may aid in the battle against bacterial infection, this behavior may benefit urinary tract infections. You should consume the advised six to eight glasses of water each day.
  • Juice from cranberries may protect against UT infections. From ancient times, it has been used to treat UTIs. Cranberry juice is used to treat UTIs because it may have antimicrobial properties.
  • It is known that cinnamon may work against the microorganisms that long-term catheter users get UTIs. This function could be explained by the possibility that it will stop the germs from covering the urinary system.
  • Gut-friendly bacteria found in probiotics may also help prevent UTIs. They help prevent UTIs. According to certain studies, they primarily contain bacteria like Lactobacillus, which cling to the urinary tract’s wall.
  • There are numerous advantages to coconut in various forms. In different regions of the world, it is known by many names, including narial and coconut palm. Regular consumption of coconut water may aid persons with UTIs and improve overall urinary health.
  • It turns out that garlic is effective against other pests as well. According to a recent study, garlic extract may help lower the germs that cause UTIs.
  • In addition to boosting your immune system, vitamin C may also acidify your urine, inhibiting germs’ growth and possibly shielding you from urinary tract infections. When you have a UTI, just be careful not to eat too many acidic foods because they could irritate your bladder, worsening your UTI symptoms.
  • Specific food types are known to irritate the bladder. These meals containing citrus or very acidic, artificial sweeteners, coffee, and alcohol can all irritate the bladder and cause leaks. Additionally, they can make your UTI worse if you already have one.
  • Kidney stone-

Kidney stone is one of the leading causes of blood in the urine. Sweating, high blood pressure, etc., can be a few symptoms of kidney stones. Some of the natural remedies for kidney stones are,

  • Increasing your water intake can hasten the process of passing a stone. Instead of the customary 8, aim for 12 glasses of water daily. It would help if you continued consuming 8 to 12 glasses of water daily after the stone has passed.
  • You can squeeze as many lemons into your water as you desire. Citrate, a molecule that stops calcium stones from forming, is found in lemons. Small stones can also be broken up by citrate, making passage more straightforward.
  • There are many nutrients in basil. Traditional practitioners have utilized this treatment to treat inflammatory and intestinal issues. Basil juice has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds that may help to maintain kidney health.
  • Acetic acid is a component of apple cider vinegar. Acetic acid aids in kidney stone dissolution. Apple cider vinegar may help reduce kidney stone discomfort in addition to cleaning the kidneys.
  • Some conventional treatments use celery as a treatment for kidney stones. Drink the juice made by blending one or more celery stalks with water. Celery extract has the potential to interact unfavorably with various drugs or treatments, just like other plant extracts can.
  • Pomegranate juice has been utilized for ages to enhance kidney function in general. It will remove toxins and stones from your body. It contains a lot of antioxidants, which support kidney health and might play a part in preventing kidney stones from forming.
  • Enlarged prostate gland-

As men age, an enlarged prostate gland is more prone to cause issues. An enlarged prostate can cause hematuria and problems urinating because it wraps around a portion of the urethra, where urine exits the body. Some of the most common natural remedies for enlarged prostate gland are,

  • The usefulness of pumpkin seed oil extract in treating the signs and symptoms of an enlarged prostate has been studied. Pumpkin seeds are healthy for anyone with BPH, including zinc and essential fatty acids (EFAs).
  • A zinc deficiency is known to increase the risk of BPH development, and zinc also contains anti-inflammatory qualities that may aid with existing symptoms.
  • Being overweight increases the likelihood of having BPH in the first place, so because exercise reduces body inflammation, it may help with symptoms. Maintaining a healthy body weight also aids in reducing inflammation.
  • Many BPH patients have trouble completely emptying their bladders. Applying a light massage to the area can help with this. Before attempting to massage your urethra, consult your doctor. You can do it safely and comfortably if you do this.
  • Bladder cancer-

  • While you are recovering from cancer, it is unlikely that you will have the energy to exercise. Still, if you do, you can stay active mildly by walking, stretching, and engaging in low-impact activities like slow yoga or swimming. Sleep well to help your body replenish its vitality (seven to nine hours or more per night).
  • According to research, eating various antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables is crucial for lowering cancer risk and promoting healing. Include items that combat cancer in your diet.
  • Studies indicate that drinking adequate fluids protects your bladder and urinary system, stops smoking and maintains a healthy diet.


Finding blood in your pee might be very unsettling, and you should not disregard it. Sometimes, the only thing that can change the color of your pee is forgetting you ate something the night before. Or you didn’t know you were taking a prescription that could be the cause of the discoloration. Whatever the cause, you can refer to these ways to naturally start blood-in-urine treatment. If these natural treatments are not working, you can book a consultation with the best urologist in Delhi through the Credihealth website.

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