5 Must-Visit Places in Lakshadweep for a Reviving Getaway

A tropical archipelago of 36 islands, Lakshadweep is a cluster of islands that is also a fascinating tourist spot for many coast lovers from around the world. With tropical beaches, pristine lakes and amazing sightseeing spots, there is a lot that tourists can visit here. One can also indulge in various water sport activities to keep that adrenaline rushing. Here, is your guide to some of the best places that you must include in your Lakshadweep packages, to make the most of your trip.

5 Must-Visit Places in Lakshadweep

From Islands to bird sanctuaries to indulging in numerous water sports activities, there are many things a tourist can explore in Lakshadweep. Read to know more.

1. Kavaratti Island: White sand and beautiful sunsets make this island one of the best places to see in Lakshadweep. An ideal getaway for nature lovers, this peaceful lagoon offers a surprising amount of greenery and plantations.

2. Minicoy Island: Also called Miliku, is one of the most prominent parts of the Lakshadweep islands. The island is the central hub for all plans to Lakshadweep or its sister islands. Offering great attractions and experiences to its travellers, this is a must-visit place on your Lakshadweep tour.

3. Kadmat Island: Another popular place to include in your Lakshadweep tour packages is Kadmat Island. This coral island has vibrant marine life. This place is ideal for anyone who likes to explore less crowded places and likes spending time in nature.

4. Pitti Bird Sanctuary: Apart from all the islands, there are many things to include in your tour packages for Lakshadweep, and one of them is Pitti Bird Sanctuary. It is a small reef with a tiny sandbank at its southern end. A prominent nesting place for pelagic birds, like the greater crested tern, the sooty tern, and the brown noddy.

5. Marine Museum: The museum was established with an aim to educate the masses about the importance of aquatic life and show the various species of fish available. There is a shark skeleton here which is perhaps the most loved installations. A must include place in your Lakshadweep tour if you are planning a trip with your children or family.

Now that you know about all the great places and activities you can explore here. Without any further delay plan your next trip to this exotic destination and make sure to include the above-mentioned places in your Lakshadweep tour packages.

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