A Clean Sofa Is The Key To The Perfect Chilled Out Evening

Whether your sofa is made from fabric or leather, it needs to be cleaned to maintain its ‘good looks’ and last you and your family longer!

While cleaning the sofa yourself is a tedious task, it must be done, therefore getting a cleaning company to carry out the service for you is the best choice and saves you time to do the things you like!

Fabric sofas are often harder to upkeep as the stains need to be taken care of almost immediately, you must additionally remember that not all stain removers are safe for sofas of all types. Each sofa has a label/tag, same as your clothes do, these help you figure out what and how you can clean your unique type of sofa with a quick google search. This information is also vital for the cleaning company you employ to clean your sofa so they in return know how best to care for your sofa. It goes without saying, that it’s best to not get rid of the labels when you buy your new sofa, if you must remove it, keep it in a safe and accessible place for future reference.

Sofas made of fabric are best cleaned with vacuum cleaners, dry brushes, and cloths, baking soda, and of course with types of new and environmentally friendly cleaning supplies every cleaning pro has! If you’re in doubt, it’s best to leave sofa cleaning in Dubai to the professionals to leave you with a spotless, looking-brand-new sofa.

Leather sofas are a whole different topic, think of it like your own skin! It changes over time; it needs extra care and the right products to be used. Not all leather or stains on leather can be cleaned with soap and water, this can not only damage your sofa and make it look ruined but cause irreversible damage that not even a professional cleaning service can take care of! Don’t let your money go to waste! If you do decide to clean your leather sofa yourself, here are some tips that will see you through a few little spots:

Do a spot check

This is so you can see how your sofa reacts to cleaning products, usually done on the backside or underside of the sofa (somewhere where the material won’t be seen even if things do go wrong).

Clean your spots with lukewarm water and organic soap

After you’re done, apply a dry absorbing cloth on top of your patch so it can dry out your sofa completely.

Apply leather cream – be sure to check with a team of professionals which leather cream is best suited for your type of sofa. This will leave your sofa ‘moisturized’ and shiny clean for a while!

These are just a few quick tips on saving your sofas from small stains and spots. Your household items, such as sofas, need a deep clean every 6 months. This is best done with a cleaning company in Dubai that has the right equipment to take care of any material, and get rid of unwanted dust, dust mites and simply leave your home sparkling clean and hygienic!

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