A Memorable Overnight Desert Safari in Dubai

A Memorable Overnight Desert Safari in Dubai

Vacationing in Dubai means you have opened up infinite gateways of sheer fun, cultural insights, and nature’s glory upon you. Being travel enthusiasts, we had the pristine desert safari on our bucket list. For the sake of exploring the unseen beauty of the dunes, we grabbed an overnight itinerary through Happy Adventures Tourism LLC. The golden dunes and their premises are equally magical for the first-timers as well as regular tourists. To have an insight into what an overnight desert safari means for a traveller, keep on reading!

1.   Reaching the Conservation Reserve

The travelers are usually provided with the pick and drop service to the conservation reserve. We confirmed our trip with the Happy Adventures Tourism team who sent their driver on time to our hotel in Dubai. Then the luxurious car took us to the dunes leaving the city glitz behind. The driver was a skilled off-road license holder who took us to the destination within a matter of minutes.

2. Camel Safari

Desert and camel safari can’t be separated. The world-famous region of the Emirates can only be explored far and wide through its royal carriers. These heritage camel rides drive the attention of travelers to the historic paths of the Arabian migrants in the desert safari Dubai. They are lost in the wonder of the archaic traveling pattern of the Arabs. Let the moon reign its spotlight over you and be a part of a scenic landscape of the nightfall at the dunes. 

3.    Dune Bashing and Quad Biking

 The popular dune activities in a desert safari are inevitable. The jamming dune arena invites madcaps from all over the world to try some crazy maneuvers. There were dune buggies, hummers, land cruisers, quad bikes, and other terrain vehicles. These are installed for dune bashing and quad biking. We had a fascinating ride in a Nissan Patrol along with the tour operator of Happy Adventures Tourism LLC. So far, the experience was worth remembering as it was no lesser than a crazy roller coaster ride!

4.    BBQ Dinner

The BBQ buffet is set at the campsite where we were escorted by our hosts from team Happy Adventures Tourism. There was free and unlimited access to energizing drinks, tea, and mineral water. Also, the refreshments and appetizers made us want more! There was a veg and non-veg eatery set in the buffet with beautiful gestures of Arabain hospitality. Taking heavenly sips of Arabian coffee with dates in the ecstatic indigo of night was an overwhelming experience. 

5. Live Entertainment

The live entertainment stage invites the high-spirited folks to inspire the surroundings. There is a famous Tanoura dance depiction by the dervishes. Also, the belly dancers take the stage along with their stunning moves. The surroundings lighten up by the striking performance of fire stuntmen in the fire show. These are the high spirits of the hosts portrayed in the homage of their guests in the deserted arena.


Witnessing the pristine beauty of the Arabian dunes at night is a goal for travel enthusiasts. Backpackers like us, need ventures to such adventuresome places like the golden desert of Dubai. Moreover, having a company of warm-hearted travel partners like team Happy Adventures Tourism contributes greatly to the fun part. 

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