A Secondary School in Singapore is the “school of future” for its students

A Secondary School in Singapore is the “school of future” for its students

Our renowned Global Indian International School institution has become a benchmark for other schools to follow. Our school is now capable enough to set up bars and patterns of leadership qualities. As a pioneer school in Singapore, we try to stay forward through our thinking and education.


We maintain curves of systematic ideas and make our students well-prepared for life’s challenges. We have our particular set of means and modes by which we match our thoughts to innovations. Apart from Singapore, we have our branches in many regions too.


Our school also has its franchise in Australia, the Middle East, and Japan. Our goal is to turn your child’s inclination into his passion. As parents, you all have the right to get the best of everything for your children. Hence, we are presenting you with our set of trends that make us the best Secondary School Singapore.


  1. NextGen Learning is one of the top international schools in Singapore.

Our international school foundations have the idea of becoming the future school for many individuals. We provide NextGen Learning to their students. As the Singapore headquartered institution, we have a vast range of 21 campuses.


We have served our students with well-versed technologies with the world’s great professors. We conduct regular classes for our students with all their smart equipment to better understand. This is one of the most significant factors which makes us one of the top international schools in Singapore.


  1. The Secondary School Singapore is an Institution of Excellence

Our school started in 2002. We have brought uncountable laurels to our school for providing academic excellence to our students.


We have students in our school from abroad too. Our secondary school in Singapore has enlightened the minds of many of our future leaders by providing them with holistic education and values.


  1. Global Student Exchange Programmes

We have an exchange program conducted for students too. In this, we provide the opportunity to our best students to study in good universities worldwide. We have already undertaken a few GSE events in our school in the past.


The GSE became a big success because of the participation of our supporting team of faculty members and our enthusiastic parents. We had our 2000 students in the program who showed their active participation.


We stand at the rank of being one of the top international schools in Singapore, so many renowned institutions have a linkage with us.


  1. Going to different places

We have over 150 universities, including select Ivy Leagues visiting the GIIS campus every year. They do so to find the perfect students with the right combination of well-suited skills, academic excellence, and a holistic personality.


Our Secondary school Singapore provides them with the best of our gems. Many graduates study a broad range of subjects – from Law in these Western universities to pursuing Aerospace Engineering and Medical Science. This way the students get a chance to pursue truly international career vocations once they complete their education at GIIS. What’s better than that?


  1. Series of Leadership Programmes

In our ongoing efforts to produce well-rounded and confident future leaders, our institution of GIIS offers the Leadership Lecture Series. This carries us political, athletic, cultural, artistic, and scientific leaders worldwide.


We have great universities on our campus to discuss real-world problems and solutions with our secondary school Singapore students. These students will inspire their following generation and the world to be creative and passionate. This encourages them to be responsible citizens, both now and in the future.


  1. Academic Excellence

Our campuses in India follow the CBSE curriculum. We are one of the top CBSE schools in the country. Being part of one of the top international schools in Singapore, our students have been showcasing exemplary results in their board exams. They do so both in Indian as well as international curricula.


In the IB Diploma exams, 39 students have stood as world toppers (45/45) and have got near-perfect scores (44/45).


In contrast, in the International Cambridge IGCSE examinations, 78 students scored A’s in all the curricula and academics. One of the Global Indian International School students has been declared a CBSE topper in both South East Asia and the Middle East.


Final words!

Our institution, the GIIS, has always eased up the cause of helping deserving students. Mainly for the ones who require financial support by offering a lot of scholarship programs. Besides, the students got it through merit and talent-based certifications.


Currently, for children who belong to families who are harshly affected by their situation, the school has launched the GIIS Resilience Scholarship. You can always choose our Secondary School Singapore for the best future you can give your child.


As the school of the future, we will never let you or your children down in any way.

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