Android Vs iOS Development

Android Vs iOS Development

The use of mobile phones and their app development are increasing at a high rate nowadays. With the change of day, people search for new and updated information and knowledge. Similarly, they always prefer to have Android and iOS development services on their mobile devices.

This article mainly focuses on mobile app development and a thorough study on Android vs iOS development issues. Keep reading to learn more.

Android Vs iOS Development

If we go for a discussion on the differences between Android and iOS services, it will take a long time. But here, we will briefly discuss some major issues about Android vs iOS development and why one is more suitable.

Target Audience

In developing an app or features of an app, at first, you have to think about your target audience and who is going to use the new features. You will find that statistically, android users are more in number than iOS users. People only have high incomes or belong to the high level of society like industrialists, and businessmen mostly use iOS. Otherwise, ordinary people still prefer Android.

Keeping that in mind, you have to change and update features in Android and iOS.


If you go for a revenue contest between Android and iOS development, you can not name one as a winner than others. But few differences are indeed there. Like, revenue in market shares mostly comes from Android users while iOS users search for lifetime values. Unlike Android users, iOS people prefer to spend more and more money for long-lasting revenue instead of one time or short sources.

Development Budget and Deadlines

Again in the competition of Android vs iOS development, iOS wins over Android because there is a huge difference among their coding languages. Android generally uses Java language, but iOS does not do it. It follows Swift language, which is Apple’s native or regular programming language. Swift languages are more compatible and do not need much timing or budget in their coding.

Future Expectations

Both Android and iOS services are getting more and more popular day by day. Android holds the higher portion of market shares in recent times. iOS is also growing in popularity because of constant innovations and high performance. It would not be so wise to compare prospects between Android and iOS development. Because hopefully, both will not lose their popularity in the upcoming few more years.

Maintenance after Launching

Post-launch maintenance cost is higher in Android apps rather than iOS. Because most of the Android users still use older versions of their features. As a result, they face various unwanted bugs and crashes on their devices. So, any developed feature will make them cost a lot after launching. But iOS users are free from these hassles. Because iOS apps and features get updated continuously, and their maintenance cost is also very low.

User Location

User location plays a significant role in Android and iOS development. When you update or develop any apps, you have to keep in mind where they will be operating. Android is used globally, but people from Latin America, Africa and some European countries use them mostly. In these areas, the android market share is higher than iOS.

On the other hand, iOS mainly covers North America, the United Kingdom, Western Europe and such countries. In these countries, iOS beats Android in market sharing.

Expected Features

Android and iOS differ in their features designed to be used for development. iOS programs contain restrictions like you cannot get easy access to all the systems you want on an iOS device. On the contrary, Android services are more user-friendly, and they have hardly any limitations in using features for development.

Publications on App Stores

If you go for app development publications in app stores, you will find differences between Android and iOS. Android apps are easily publishable in Google or any other app store. iOS app service is available via the Apple app store. It is very much selective in the case of app acceptance.


So, probably now you can understand the fact about Android vs iOS development. Although there are many differences between these two services, people always welcome new and updated versions and advanced features. The world is getting updated day by day, and people are also trying to cope with this. That is why development in both services is always welcome and helpful.

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