Application development process

The process of developing our application consists of four main phases:

  • Project architecture. We perform initial business analyzes and create the architecture of the future product.
  • Wireframe models. We have created black and white mock-ups of your screens that show how the application runs and its main functions.
  • Design and prototyping. We will create a design style, apply it to the product and create your first prototype of a future product.
  • Development. We have turned our designed prototype into the final product that your users will fall in love with.

Project architecture

As with building a house, it is essential to lay the right foundation when working on a mobile app development company in India. In the Project Architecture phase, we conduct business research to better understand the industry and your target group. Finally, we’ll work to create the optimal usage flow to ensure that your users reach your destination with as few clicks as possible.

Main parts of this phase:

  • We will start by involving you in the project and adding the tools that will be available during the project.
  • With App Business Canvas, we conduct business research to understand the needs of your main brand.
  • At this point, we will be creating flowcharts for user stories that show how our users are doing with the product. 
  • Finally, we analyze your core brand style preferences to prepare for the next phase.


To build a house on its foundations, you need floor plans to know where you need to go. That’s what wireframes do for digital products. In this stage, we will create black & white mockups of the entire application and plan the layout of each screen. 

Main parts of this phase:

  • We will first select key user stories that will represent the main uses of the product.
  • While creating wireframe key user stories, we optimized our user experience for speed and quality.
  • After completing the main user stories, we applied their UX elements to other screens.
  • Before we continue with the design, we will check the final wireframes to make sure that no screens or features are missing.

Design and prototyping

As we work to prototype key user stories, we also begin the design process. After discussing your design preferences and researching the industry, we’ll introduce you to the style we think is best. We will also work with you to ensure that your feedback is available so that we can create a proposal that will surprise you and your audience.

Main parts of this phase:

  • We started by creating wireframes that represent a black and white outline on all screens.
  • We will create a unique product design style by analyzing you and your target brand preferences.
  • With our design, we are ready to build our first interactive prototype, which you can try on your phone. With our design, we are ready to build our first interactive prototype, which you can try on your phone.


The development phase begins with a group meeting, after which we give the developers specific tasks and prepare a new timeline. After the first few weeks of coding, you can expect to see a new one each week. This allows you to constantly monitor the development of your own device, where you can find/test new features as they become available.

Main parts of this phase:

  • During the upgrade process, you get a common build that you can try on your phone. Our development process goes through several stages of testing to ensure that the final product is free of errors.
  • During this phase, we started putting together features and ideas for the next major application update after it was launched.
  • Once the development is complete, we’ll help you submit the app to the App Store and Google Play and make sure it’s approved.

Mobile Application Development Process

For example, the leading smartphone applications are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Results Tinder. Are these applications the results? The result of what? These leading applications are the result of a proven mobile application development process. As a custom iOS or android app developers in India, we have created more than 4400 mobile applications for Android and iOS platforms. Many applications have been featured on CB INSIGHTS, TechCrunch, Huffington Post, Business Insider, the Financial Times, and BBC News. In short, we know every step needed to create a successful mobile application. Today we will share with you this gradual process of developing mobile applications.

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