Be ready for your event with custom t-shirt printing

Be ready for your event with custom t-shirt printing

Custom t-shirt printing is the latest fashion trend especially for some commercials or sports events. Sometimes, it also comes under the marketing strategy to attract maximum people. Customization means bringing thoughts and imaginations into reality. Traditionally, the concept was only used for bringing coordination in the events or any function but today it has become a perfect gift item for people. Due to the increase in demand for customized t-shirt, there are several printing techniques introduced in the market to give maximum durability. People often complain about the removal of the print after some time and then it feels like a waste of money. Keeping everything in mind, the advanced technology brought sublimation custom T-shirt printing in the market which got the maximum positive response from the customers. On the other hand, there are people in society who are not aware of this technique so this blog will help them to understand the same in detail.

What is Dye-sublimation printing?

It is a full-color printing technique that works on the concept of heat transfer. It works with the dye-based ink that turns into gas when heated. Here the design is put on the special transfer paper and heat is passed over the same after placing it on the garment. Once the dye comes in contact with the heat, it converts into a gas known as sublime and instantly gets transferred into the product giving it a photogenic quality. People get the exact color on the cloth that they desire with the sublimation Custom T-Shirts Printing. The process is quick and the effect is long-lasting.

Advantages of the Sublimation printing

  • No restriction in color and design– The customization of the t-shirts with the help of the sublimation printing becomes easy because there is no restriction in the use of colors and designs. It is like people have to craft the design on paper and the same will be printed on the garment. Even the shades of the color do not change.
  • No crack or deterioration– The general printing on the t-shirts start cracking or peeling after the first wash which destroys the look of the garment. In sublimation printing, the ink becomes part of the fabric and stays attached for a longer period. Sometimes, it lasts for a lifetime with some precautions.
  • Smooth texture– The printing on the t-shirt often brings roughness on the upper part of the garment but in Sublimation Custom T-Shirts Printing, it feels soft because the print goes within the fabric and people are not able to differentiate the texture of the ink and fabric.
  • No restriction on the print size– Due to the use of big tools. It becomes difficult to print an impression on small-size products but with sublimation printing, there are no such restrictions. The t-shirts, irrespective of the size can be printed under this technique with the best quality.

The dye sublimation printing is the best option to get customized t-shirts or any other garments in the minimum time but people need to remember that it can be printed only on white or light-colored polyester fabric. With only one disadvantage, the Sublimation Custom T-Shirts Printing is cost-effective and perfect for every sport and official event. For more such articles you can also visit Blog My Post.

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