Benefits Of Washroom Automation

Benefits Of Washroom Automation

There is no denying the fact that the evolution of automation technologies have been continuing to penetrate into each and every aspect of our lives, making our lives simpler than ever. The ubiquity of such devices is no longer confined to mere smartphones, smart cars and smart homes, rather they have now entered our washrooms, in forms of wireless and Internet of Things (IoT) based fixtures and facilities. It will only be a matter of time when voice and application controlled thermostats will be ushered into our households. So much so, that the experts are now believing that there would be about 64B IoT devices across the globe by 2025. While the notion of a highly-digitised lifestyle may sound a bit daunting to some people, there are many others who see a great potential in the future of washroom automation. We have outlined below some of the high-end technologies that have been hoping to see in futuristic washrooms

1. Mirrors

Smart mirrors are being predicted as one of the most evocative technologies imagined to humankind. Enabling the notion of multitasking in this futuristic concept, you could be doing the simplest of tasksㅡ brushing your teeth or drying your hair whilst reading latest news articles of the mirror right in the front.

2. Toilets

In an ideal world, seat-warming, cleaning jets and touchless flushing features have been a holy grail for a lot of people out there. Though the technologies have already come into being, the potential for upgrading them big-time by instilling bluetooth and ambient lighting, making it a wholesome experience for you.

3. Showers and Tubs

There has been an eclectic range of predictions of how futuristic showers and tubs will look like. Regulating ideal water temperature, alerting you when you are low on shower products, and water conserving modes is something we have been dying to get our hands on.

How did COVID revolutionize the Future of Washroom Automation?

The unfortunate outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the entire economy, leaving no industry at the mercy of it. A larger emphasis on social distancing, hygiene and cleanliness, have today paved the way for washroom automation technologies requiring minimal touch and hands-free facilities.

Manufacturers have, of course, embarked on fabricating touchless technologies for the past few years and it is possible that the COVID will induce one of the biggest shifts in the industry, greatly boosting the demand for these touchless automated products. Some of the innovations that are being suggested by the experts include installing fully self-cleaning cubicles, sensor taps, touchless sinks and toilet flushes and eradicating the hand dryer systems, due the concerns of propelling contamination in the air being stemmed every now and then. 

These technologies comprise only little possibilities for the futuristic bathroom. From health-checking toothbrushes,to flooring that alerts if you fall, the likelihood is unending. Yet it’s clear that many of these technologies, once considered unrealistic, have already started coming into being. All that remains is for them to gain omnipresent utility– something which may happen sooner than we think.

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