Bikini Laser Hair Removal — 12 Facts To Know

Bikini Laser Hair Removal — 12 Facts To Know

1. The procedure may sound painful, but it isn’t too bad.

Laser hair removal is not as painful as waxing. It results in some amount of discomfort or a quick, sharp pain which some people report as if a hot rubber band is snapped against the skin. Thankfully, there is a cooling system attached to the laser device that constantly runs cold blasts of hair directly at the point where laser light is being directed during the treatment. This helps in soothing the skin. If needed, the candidate can get their treatment area numbed with a local anesthetic.

2. It’s important to shave or trim the hair before going for lasers.

If laser hair removal is tried on long hair, the lasers can react with the hair on the skin’s surface and result in some irritation and even burn the hair. So to make them as short as possible without affecting the hair roots beneath the skin, shaving is recommended 24 hours prior to the treatment.

3. There are different styles of Bikini Laser Hair removal.

The main 3 styles of bikini laser hair removal that one can try include:

4. Bikini laser hair removal is not meant for everyone.

Bikini laser hair removal works best on dark hair as it has pigment that is necessary for the laser to target. Skin colour also plays a role in the type of laser being used. This can be discussed and evaluated by the doctor beforehand to check for candidacy. It is also important that the candidate must not be having any active infections, rashes, or open wounds in the bikini area. Those who have active tans and previously had Accutane or electrolysis are also not allowed to undergo the treatment. Lastly, the candidate is eligible if she is overall healthy and has realistic expectations.

5. It works on all skin tones.

For successful hair removal by lasers, it’s important to have dark enough hair in contrast to lighter skin. This doesn’t mean dark-skinned people cannot have bikini laser hair removal. The good news is, they can use advanced laser hair removal technology.

6. Multiple sessions and even maintenance treatments are required.

To achieve optimal results, bikini laser removal ought to be carried out repeatedly depending upon the candidate’s skin type and density of hair. Usually, the number of sessions that would be needed is 6 to 12 with an interval of 3 to 6 weeks. Multiple laser treatments are necessary as every hair is in a different phase of its hair growth cycle and for a successful laser hair removal, the hair follicle must be in the growing stage. Furthermore, it is not uncommon to go for maintenance treatments once or twice a year as there are chances of hair growing back due to hormonal fluctuations.

7. Get ready to seriously think about sunbathing and sun exposure before and after laser sessions.

Before attending bikini laser hair removal, the candidate is supposed to avoid sun tanning or burns for a minimum of 4 weeks. Not only before, but sun exposure must also be avoided in between or after laser sessions as lasers can further cause damage.

8. The session may not take much of one’s time.

As the bikini line that needs to be treated is very small and has short hair, laser hair removal sessions can last for just about 10 minutes.

9. Patience and consistency pay off.

The candidates must be regular with their appointments as if they stop early the hair will grow back or the final results will take longer to be noticed. With regular treatments, the dead hair shaft is made to fall out.

10. Plucking or waxing of hair is not advised after bikini laser hair removal.

These hair removal methods may pull off the hair follicles which are targeted in laser hair removal.

11. Getting a bikini laser hair removal can be risky.

A few risks associated with laser hair removal at the bikini region include:

  • Mild skin redness
  • Temporary irritation, resulting in slight crusting or blistering of the skin
  • Mild inflammation
  • Short-lived pigment changes, particularly in dark-skinned candidates
  • Skin colour changes, acne-like breakouts, scarring, and burning.

12. Bikini laser hair removal is completely worth it.

Bikini laser hair removal allows women to look good in their undies and swimsuits which boosts their self-confidence and esteem. Not only aesthetics, but the treatment is also about hygiene. With bikini laser hair removal, women would no longer have infections like thrush growing because of orgasms and body discharges that cover the hair or have the risk of systemic illnesses. The use of depilatory creams in such cases may worsen these situations. The procedure is a worthy one-time investment of money and time. It is less painful, has no side effects like redness and ingrown hair, and provides long-lasting results.

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