Build Web3 Lifestyle App Like STEPN with Game-Fi and Social-Fi Features

In this digital lifestyle era, many entrepreneurs show a keen interest in developing their Web3 running app to build their business domains in the crypto sphere. Web3 lifestyle app development includes the process of building an Web3 running app for storing and trading NFTs.

What is a STEPN Clone App?

The STEPN Clone App is a pre-built Web3 running clone that can be successfully used to create Web3 lifestyle apps with Game-Fi and Social-Fi components that enable players to earn profitable tokens through walking, jogging, or running. Therefore, the most straightforward solution to launch your Web3 running software with unmatched performance is to use a reliable STEPN Clone App.

With years of experience in providing top-notch M2E game development services, we have crafted a readymade and unique STEPN Clone App to build a complete Web3 lifestyle app on various blockchain networks such as Tron, Solana, Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart chain, and so on.

Our STEPN Clone App can be rapidly adapted to meet your unique blockchain business requirements. Therefore, using our STEPN Clone App, adding further features to suit your Web3 lifestyle ideas won’t be a difficult task. Moreover, our STEPN Clone App undergoes various testing procedures to produce a safe Web3 lifestyle app within your budget range.

So, get our uniquely crafted STEPN Clone App to build a robust Web3 lifestyle app similar to STEPN within a short span of time.

General Features of STEPN Clone App

Game-Fi Elements
Game-Fi Systems
Social-Fi Elements
Social-Fi Systems
Integrate Marketplace
Decentralized Wallet
Burn Mechanism
Move-To-Earn M2E Rewards
Two Token Model
And more

Popular Blockchain Technologies Used To Develop STEPN Clone App

Our STEPN clone app supports Web3 running app development on various blockchain networks

Solana-based STEPN clone
Ethereum-based STEPN clone
Tron-based STEPN clone
Polygon-based STEPN clone
Binance Smart Chain-based STEPN clone
Cardano-based STEPN clone
Avalanche-based STEPN clone
And more

Why Choose Hivelance for STEPN Clone App?

A well-known M2E game development company named Hivelance has already made a name for itself in the global crypto & blockchain space. Hivelance keeps providing innovative solutions to the tech world and has a thriving client. With a team of skilled developers versed in a wide range of current technologies, we give a thoroughly tested, bug-free STEPN Clone App with unbreakable security. Get our pre-built, White label STEPN Clone App right away and take ownership of your destiny!

100% Customization
Complete Transparency
Advanced Tech Stack
Scalable Solutions
Professional & Skilled Developers
100% Quality Assurance
Rapid Launch
Cost-Effective Solutions
On-Time Delivery
Easy Communication
24/7 Support

Therefore, reach us and discuss your fresh Web3 and blockchain-based lifestyle business ideas with our team to get an excellent STEPN clone app solution for your health/fitness lifestyle business.

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