Can a headache be a sign of a Brain Tumor?

When you have a headache that seems to be a little more painful than a tension headache, you may typically develop the symptoms of a migraine or wonder if this is something serious. Although not every headache is serious, you should be concerned with your health. There can also be chances that you are going through a certain symptom of a brain tumor. Even after having reliable treatment, some people wonder if the symptoms of a brain tumor can come and go. We do not stress the symptoms of any particular disease. Our intent here is to spread awareness with knowledge about the particular disease. If you find anything working abnormally related to your nerves, like the brain or spine, you can consider cross-checking the same with your Best Neurosurgeon in Delhi.


Brain Tumor and Headaches –

  • Headache is not the only symptom that you may have in case you think you are impacted by a brain tumor.
  • Around 90,000 people all over the world go through headaches because of brain tumors.
  • The majority of brain tumor symptoms start with the different body parts and different symptoms that may initially give you different aspects/signs of any disease.
  • The brain tumor which may become aggressive will spread to the brain in later stages after affecting other body parts.
  • A tumor in the brain is called a primary brain tumor. Most of the time, headaches are not a major concern but understanding the exact cause of headaches can give you peace of mind.

It is wise to connect with the doctor and discuss things together. If you feel like you have a particular disease, you can get yourself checked. Your doctor may help you determine the seriousness and the cause of the primary headache which may later come out as a brain tumor.


Brain Tumor Headache and The Related Symptoms –

In the initial stage, the exact cause may not be noticeable. When the brain tumor grows large enough that it is detectable, then only the nerves and the brain can be checked. Else, if you have enough painful headaches that may appear in series or may come and go, then you may develop the symptoms of a brain tumor. The nature of a brain tumor is different; it doesn’t produce the headache that you feel during stress or migraine. There can be events like you may wake up from bed more frequently with a headache, which can later become the main symptoms of a brain tumor after detection. You need to keep in mind that you may develop other conditions like obstructive sleep apnea or a hangover- which can also be the reason for morning headaches.

  • If you are having frequent headaches or the change in severity or any other noticeable thing that appears along with headache, you can consider making a note.
  • This may later become the primary cause of brain tumors. Also, this note will help the doctor to check your body examinations including the blood tests and other major tests.

Likewise, if you are not a person who often gets frequent headaches, you can choose to go to your nearby Best Neurosurgeon in Delhi.

The symptoms related to brain tumor may include (especially if you have a headache):

  • A headache that doesn’t let you sleep the whole night
  • A kind of headache that changes while you change your position
  • The kind of pain which doesn’t respond to standard headache medicines like aspirin, ibuprofen, etc.
  • If you have a persistent headache for around three days and a few weeks that may come and go in intervals

You may also have a persistent or intense headache that may confuse you with migraine symptoms. A migraine can trigger nausea and extreme sensitivity to light. Brain tumor headaches often include other symptoms like dizziness throughout the day, lack of balance, blur vision, etc.


Other symptoms rather than a brain tumor headache –

Now, you must acknowledge that not all the symptoms of a brain tumor can come and go. Also, headache is not the only symptom that is highly caused by the brain tumor and its effects on an ordinary or healthy body. You may also develop some other symptoms rather than brain tumor headache and it may include:

  • unexplained weight loss
  • blurred vision
  • Increase in pressure like you are just getting a headache
  • loss of balance
  • Seizures like froth coming out from the mouth, frequent cutting of tongue with teeth, a lot of confusion while doing the work that you used to enjoy earlier, etc
  • sudden inability to speak
  • hearing loss
  • weakness or numbness
  • Anger or sudden change in behavioral characteristics

Some of these symptoms may also include a stroke, which is not the main symptom of a brain tumor but can occur as the interruption to blood flow or blood vessels in the brain. If you experience any kind of brain stroke or heart stroke or chances of brain tumor, you can consider talking to your nearby Best Neurosurgeon in Delhi.


When to ask for help?

  • If you are a cancer patient, and you experience more frequent headaches, you can consider asking for immediate help from your doctor.
  • There can be chances that cancer may spread to other body parts. In this case, the nature of the headache will help your doctor to check the cause of the medical condition.
  • If you have a history of headaches with no symptoms of cancer or any kind of cancer history and if your headache lasts for several days to weeks with no relief and recurring headaches, you can consider reaching your nearby doctor.
  • In the case of a brain tumor, you may likely develop a headache that becomes worse with no response to traditional pain-relieving medicines.
  • If you inspect weight loss, loss of vision, hearing loss- all along with headaches, it can be the sign of a brain tumor.


Treatments for brain tumors –

  • Surgery for the removal of tumors: Science and technology have advanced these days. There are many techniques to remove the tumor from the brain or reach the tiny tumors through an incision. Many special instruments don’t require any kind of major incision but take a long time to heal.
  • Radiation treatment: This therapy utilizes the external beam of X-rays which helps to kill the tumors and shrink the tumor cells. Radiation treatment utilizes radioactive material that directly affects the brain.
  • Chemotherapy: It is a bit challenging, especially in the case of a brain tumor. This is because of the presence of a blood barrier that protects the bloodstream. It is still being researched to identify the kind of beam which can cross the blood barrier and can safely affect the tumor.


Conclusion –

A brain tumor is episodic in the sense that the symptoms of a brain tumor can come and go. A brain tumor does not dissipate itself or go away after some time, instead, it grows and can also turn into metastatic cancer. A benign tumor can be painful and may require surgery but you need to understand that not all brain tumors are cancerous. If you feel something that doesn’t feel natural to you, you can directly ask your doctor for the sake of safety and your health. Also, remember the key to good health is keeping your body hydrated so that any kind of infection may dissipate in the form of urine.

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