Can heart attack symptoms go away for weeks at a time?

Can heart attack symptoms go away for weeks at a time?

Heart attack symptoms are very light and sometimes do not appear initially. You may encounter signs such as triggering pain in the chest. Besides, the heart attack symptoms may not leave gradually and in an instance. However, eventually, it will go away with the proper treatment. 

Therefore, we will see what you should do if the symptoms do not heal. Which treatment is right for you. 

Heart attack is not a disease that can ruin your life as it is curable. Therefore, make sure you do not miss the right treatment to get rid of heart attack symptoms. 


Warning symptoms of heart attack that must reduce:-

There are many symptoms of a heart attack. Few are common, and others are less common. Yet, it is essential to know both. According to a top cardiologist at Parvathy Hospital, the following are the types of symptoms that one must reduce:


  1. Impending attack:

Common symptoms, which include a warning sign of an impending attack, which is mostly observed in women and children, are as follows:

  • Uncomfortable swelling, soreness, or aching in the chest region;
  • The pain or discomfort may be mild or severe and may last between five minutes to several hours.


  1. Chest pain:-

You may feel severe pain in the chest for several hours or days, but it subsides. Later on, the symptoms disappear, but it appears again with much more severity after a few weeks. If you do not get medical help initially, the attack might be fatal.


  1. Pain radiating to the left arm and jaw: Generally, the first symptom of heart disease is chest pains due to blood flow obstruction.


  1. Pain in the chest or arm and numbness: Besides difficulty breathing, some of the symptoms appear during a heart attack. You must immediately consult your doctor and start undergoing treatment in such a case.


But if you ignore these symptoms, it can lead to heart failure or death. Therefore, if you observe any of these symptoms mentioned above, then do not neglect them under any circumstances as it may come out to be a fatal one for you.

If the person has an irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure, or diabetes, they are more likely to suffer from a heart attack than people who do not have any such ailments.


Know the essential treatment options for heart attack:

  • There are several ways to treat a heart attack. This treatment depends on the severity of the heart attack. 
  • Besides, the doctors suggest open-heart surgery for treating heart attacks. The surgery is used to unblock blood vessels, remove blood clots and repair the heart to recover normal function.
  • It is a surgical procedure that involves the insertion of a tube into the chest through which the patient’s blood or medicines are pumped. Which treatment for heart attack is appropriate for you depends on several factors, including your age, sex, height, weight, and general health.
  • Experts at Parvathy Hospital suggest the most common treatments for heart attack are non-drug anti-coagulants such as aspirin (many brands have aspirin in them), warfarin (Coumadin), clopidogrel (Plavix), or heparin; and platelet inhibitors such as activated protein C (darunavir).


What are the important precautions one should take?

  • Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol. Along with that, avoid being overweight. See your doctor regularly for check-ups and take advice on exercising and dieting.
  • Always consult a doctor if you have any chest pain, tightness, or discomfort in the chest, with or without shortness of breath, sweating, fatigue, nausea, or vomiting.
  • Many people receive treatment in the hospital because it is more effective than medicines taken at home for many heart attack risks.
  • The treatment will depend on how serious the condition is and how quickly it is treated. It should start as soon as possible to give you the best chance of recovery. The doctor will offer treatment as soon as possible after your symptoms first appear.



Always keep in mind, if you suspect an issue like this, then better visit a cardiologist or physician. Many patients who have suffered from a heart attack have missed the appointment due to myths and fears related to heart disease. So this is something you should not do at any cost if you want to avoid death or any other complication. 

Besides, if you are looking for a complete treatment option, experts at Parvathy Hospital are highly qualified. Above all, the top cardiologist is available at Credihealth to serve their best medical practice. 

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