Can I Design My Own Wedding Dress With A Designer?

In this modernly sane world, tons of brides hop from one bridal salon to other to find their dream wedding gown. But unfortunately, even after trying dozens of dresses, some still face trouble locating the right one! Many times brides know what they actually want but fail to get it off the rack. While others have no idea regarding the design and what they are looking for and need someone to help them define their style and gestate their dream wedding gown from top to bottom.

For brides struggling to locate the perfect wedding dress, a personalized gown (custom-made gown) will be an apt solution. If you also fall under this category, you can work along with a custom-made wedding dress designer to customize the style, cut, fabric, and all the extra needed details. Undoubtedly, inspired by your own vision and stitched just for you, a custom-made gown is a bewitching bespoke process that will certainly become one-of-a-kind!

The Process

The first and foremost step you need to take in creating your custom-made wedding gown is- get in touch with your designer! You can find the best designer by seeking references from your wedding planner or by doing a bit of research online. While selecting, take a look at the custom-made gowns to ensure if they can meet your requirements or not. Post picking up the right designer, at the initial consultation, the professional will collect some crucial details about your wedding such as the theme, color palette, venue, and time of year. Some designers will also discuss the elements a bride wants in her custom-made wedding gown. Apart from this, an in-person consultation is also an opportunity to assess the bride’s body type to make recommendations!

Post-meeting your designer will prepare some design options from where you can choose. If needed, the designer will modify the design to make it perfect for the bride. Once a final design is pinned down, the designer will take body measurements to develop patterns with the right fit.

Some Custom Wedding Dress Tips

  1. The choices are extensive: Lots of wedding dress designers who have been designing gowns for many years generally have a bond with couture lace houses and fabric mills globally. Therefore, work with your designer to analyze the fit and feel of the gown of your dreams. Keeping in mind, your wedding is the right time to dream big, so research, ask questions, experiment with various cuts, styles, fabrics, and of course, colors!


  1. Get adventurous: Remember, anything and everything is possible when it comes to creating a custom-made gown for a wedding, so don’t be afraid to go out of the box. There are possibilities that you might fall in love with a silhouette or style you never thought about!
  1. Have trust: there is no question; a well-experienced and skilled designer will fulfill the bride’s expectations. The whole designing process has to be a fun, joy-filled, and memorable part of the wedding. Have faith in your designer; he will execute your vision and make your dream wedding gown a reality.

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