Can rectal bleeding be a sign of cancer?

Well, blood in the rectum can be associated with rectal cancer. Generally, few people are aware of such diseases. Following that, effective treatment options can help the patients. So, the oncologists of Surana Sethia Hospital are concerned about the issue. However, doctors carry out screening methods extensively that help in the early diagnosis of the disease.

However, this article will focus on the major symptom of rectal cancer. The bleeding of the rectum has its seriousness. So, India’s top oncologists must proceed accordingly. 


Is rectal bleeding a symptom of cancer?

Undoubtedly, rectal bleeding involves blood in the rectum. India’s best oncologist uses colonoscopy for detecting this cancer. So, rectal bleeding concerning cancer is relatable to hemorrhoids. Other serious issues like inflammatory bowel disease can occur. Cancer cells are accumulated in the rectum. Now, this can cause bleeding. So, consultation with a specialist can be the best. 

Further, rectal bleeding initially starts as mild, but it might worsen. This worsening would give rise to the situation of colorectal cancer. In addition to that, the color of blood tends to change. A patient with colorectal cancer might experience dark maroon and black color blood. In certain cases, tracing cancer in the rectum becomes difficult. This is because of the inability of its detection through naked eyes. Yes, microscopic intervention is required. The reputed oncologists can trace its presence by certain tests only. 

Appearance pattern of rectal blood

The rectal bleeding concerning cancer has varied occurrences. Usually, one might face the bleeding in different ways. So, rectal bleeding occurs in the following ways:

  • A victim can notice dark-colored blood in his stool movement. Generally, this is the initial symptom indicating cancer.
  • In certain cases, noticing blood in toilet paper is common. However, this can be seen while wiping.
  • Many people can observe the bowl in water having dark red color. This can be seen while using the bathroom. The water changes its color to red. This condition has to be taken into concern. 

Therefore, renowned oncologists of Surana Sethia Hospital focus on this pattern. Furthermore, it helps them to understand the extension of cancer cells. In doing so, suitable treatment is recommended to the patients. 

Main Causes of Rectal Bleeding – 

The bleeding of the rectum can be due to several reasons. So, rectal bleeding concerning cancer isn’t always relevant. Therefore, the main causes of rectal bleeding are as follows:

  • Having Inflammatory Bowel Disease

The swelling of the small, as well as large intestine, can end up in bleeding. In some cases, digestive tracts undergo extensive swelling. Further, patients might go through bowel swelling too. Such conditions are dangerous as the victim can face diarrhea. In addition to that, cramps follow. 

  • The victim of hemorrhoids

If the veins start swelling in the rectal and anus then, hemorrhoids might occur. Generally, constipation can also cause hemorrhoids. Although many diseases can contribute to it, cancer is the worst. Many people ignore hemorrhoids. But, that can be more dangerous. A patient shouldn’t avoid blood’s presence in the toilet paper.

  • Ulcers in the stomach

Some patients might go through bleeding in the inner linings of the stomach. So, this happens due to the trigger in the digestive tracts. One patient can complain of blood stool as well. Generally, ulcers are much serious for people of any age group. 

  • Fistula can be caused.

A certain anus is linked up in the small intestine. This intestine can help in the passing of stool. Following that, infections can result in causing fistula. Fistula can have bowel disease associated with it. The victim can have tuberculosis due to the bleeding.

  • Anal Fissure can happen.

Most of the time, the skin near the anus breaks open. This can result in bleeding. So, bowel movements can turn up in pain. Generally, blood flows through the rectum due to anus opening. Therefore, stool movement can cause bleeding concerning anal fissure. 

 Rectal bleeding concerning cancer doesn’t always link up. Doctors can link other reasons for rectal bleeding. So, cancer is just a small part of it.

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