Cervical Cancer and Its Treatment Options

Cervical cancer is dominant in women only. Further, the womb’s entrance is targeted in this cancer. Following that, the lower part of the uterus has a dangerous effect. Further, the oncologist in Bangalore comes up for this cause. Even one can have metastatic cancer. Following this, cancer cells can invade other organs. For the same purpose, consultation with an oncologist is important. 

However, this article will let the readers know about cervical cancer. One can know about crucial symptoms of this. The importance of diagnosis follows the required treatment. So, an oncologist tends to suggest adequate treatment options. 

Main Symptoms concerning cervical cancer

As per resilient oncologists, the symptoms don’t show up initially. Following this, symptoms concerning cervical cancer have their relevance. So, the symptoms include the following:

  1. Huge discharge from the vagina can be a symptom. A woman can face unusual discharge from the vagina in cervical cancer.
  2. The woman may feel quite a pain while having sex. Following that, the intolerable pain can turn severe with time.
  3. Other times, a woman can have vaginal bleeding. Following this, it might start after the periods. Even women having menopause can also face this. 
  4. A woman can feel pain in the pelvic region. It occurs when cancer has reached other body parts. 
  5. Some women can also face kidney issues. This is one more symptom of cervical cancer. 

Therefore, a woman needs proper treatment for cervical cancer. So, treatment concerning cervical cancer must be adequate. Further, observation of symptoms is necessary for treatment purposes. 

Best Treatment for Cervical Cancer –

Oncologists have different means to treat cervical cancer. Following that, an oncologist in Bangalore uses cold-knife conization. This method is used when doctors tend to remove cancerous cells. 

    • Surgical options India’s best oncologist can use surgical options. This is used when cancer cells haven’t transmitted from the cervix. A doctor tends to remove unwanted cells with the help of surgery. Further, a doctor can also use radiation therapy following surgery. This is done if the doctor feels cancer cells’ presence after surgery. One can damage all cancer cells by following this means.
  • Chemotherapy

The treatment concerning cervical cancer can involve chemotherapy. Here, chemicals treat the patients. Further, cancer cells are destroyed with their usage. Usually, oncologists can’t remove all cancer cells with surgery. That is the reason chemotherapy is used. India’s top oncologists use it to treat advanced cancer. 

  • Radiation Therapy

Generally, radiation therapy is an effective treatment of cancer. Following that, a patient is treated using radiation. Generally, radiation oncologists carry out this treatment. However, targeting high radiations can also have certain side effects. One must discuss the same with the oncologists. 

  • Immunotherapy

Immunotherapy is another crucial treatment concerning cervical cancer. Here, the checkpoints for immune cells are targeted. Doctors use one’s immunity for defeating cancer. However, immunotherapy is also known as biological therapy. It is used to stop protein growth. In doing so, the doctor can stop tumor growth in the cervix. 

Treatments and Its Side Effects –

The treatment concerning cervical cancer has its side effects. Furthermore, a patient must be aware of this. So, the side effects are as follows:

  1. Some victims go through diarrhea after the treatment. But, this symptom is prominent after radiation therapy.
  2. Chemotherapy can cause infertility issues in people. Furthermore, the chemicals are very dangerous for the body.
  3. The patient can also go through hair loss after chemotherapy. So, this side effect can make the person feel depressed. Even a woman can lose her self-confidence immensely.
  4. In some women, bladder irritation can be marked. So, the post-treatment phase is quite difficult to handle.
  5. The victim may face early menopause. The treatment is very dangerous for the body.
  6. Most of the time, stomach issues arise. Treatments can result in upsetting the stomach badly. 
  7. One might also face vaginal narrowing. Following that, pain follows up.

Thus, cervical cancer treatment has some unwanted side effects. A woman can find herself in trauma with all these. Also, weakness can become her daily companion. So, one must stick to the prevention of cervical cancer. By doing so, one can avoid the dangerous disease. 

Some Preventive Measures – 

Do you think you can prevent cervical cancer? If so, then be happy; there are certain preventive measures. The preventive measures are as follows:

  • Having sex safely

Some people are active in sex. Following that, they must be aware of testing frequently. These tests might include syphilis and gonorrhea. Further, one mustn’t have such sexual intercourse firstly. 

  • Attending human papillomavirus program

Doctors can easily connect HPV and cervical cancer. So, a woman must keep herself updated on the human papillomavirus program. Following that, Cancer doctors can manage cervical cancer’s frequency adequately.

  • Not permitting sex at a young age.

A woman has the probability of HPV virus at her sexual intercourse phase. Mainly, the first sex is dangerous. So, one shouldn’t permit sex at a young age. Following that, her delaying can lessen the risk. 

  • Screening for cervical cancer

A woman should have screening procedures regularly. In doing so, the signs can be dealt with easily. Even oncologists can start their treatment fast. Following that, the doctor can prevent cancer cells from spreading to other parts of the body. However, screening is not an indicator of cancer’s presence. But, it shows the cells’ transformation in the cervix. 

  • Avoiding smoking completely

One of the best preventive means is stopping smoking. HPV, as well as smoking, is a dangerous combination. So, a woman must get rid of smoking fast.

  • Sex with condom

Generally, a woman can have cancer by having sex. So, the infection of HPV is stopped with a condom. Using a condom can save the victim from such infections. 

Therefore, a woman must follow these preventive options. In doing so, she can save herself from cervical cancer. 

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