Checklist to selecting Student Care Centre in Ang Mo Kio

A good number of student care centres have come up that offers enhanced service these days. Every parent does expect to provide the very best to their children. Hence, you should not rush with the selection process. Rather you need to find a good student-care program to suit the specific needs of your child. Explore all available options to ensure availing a better plan for your child’s after-school hours.

Checklist to follow

  • Consider available options: The main reason for the launch of Student Care Centre in Ang Mo Kio is to offer school children with proper care and supervision. There are offered two student care programs, namely community or school-based centres. Most parents favour school-based ones since transportation need not be planned for. School-based centres are quite cleaner, hygienic, offer well-planned programs while have lower teacher-student ratio.
  • Reaching the centre: Convenience is a vital factor that you need to consider when selecting a good student care centre. It will be a great choice if the centre is close to your ward’s school or your home. Transportation will be essential if your child is required to travel to the centre from school. Do ensure to make necessary arrangements to ensure your child is safe and secure.
  • Aligning Values: Identify a centre that has a belief system similar to yours. Identify about the centre’s beliefs and values in details before making the final commitment. Find out what approach the centre takes towards maintaining discipline, how they motivate children. Get to know if these match your mentality. Parents do have own unique beliefs of what might work and not, which is quite normal.
  • Search, ask and evaluate: You need to do some through research on the centre. It will be a wise idea to discuss with your neighbours, relatives and friends. They might provide some useful recommendations on the top Tuition Centre in Ang Mo Kio. Do check out parenting forums, Facebook pages and other trustworthy sites to get reviews on potential centres.
  • Align schedules: Student care centres are designed to help working parents. Find out their timings. Based on the centres, there could be some possible changes. Some may be closed on weekends and school holidays. The centre you plan for your child should meet your requirements. Program fees are another aspect to consider. They may vary based on the facilities offered.
  • Screen the team: Find out the qualifications of the teachers employed at the centre. They do play a vital role to offer your child with adequate mental and emotional support. It s quite natural that children do go through emotional and physical changes at school. They do require an adult figure who can empathise as well as relate to them. This way, children can be happy and healthy.
  • Value-added services: The centre might provide a variety of activities for children to involve in. It generally includes drama and speech, outdoor play, art and craft, etc. Some might even provide a variety of optional value added programs. A few even organize special programs taking children on holiday camps or education tours.

Selecting the best one

Your child is special and needs guidance at all times to grow up healthy, happy, confident and with great self-belief. A good student care centre is sure to offer the very best programs suited to all ages.

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