Color therapy of flowers to make you feel cheerful

Color therapy of flowers to make you feel cheerful

Human emotions are vast. We human beings elicit a wide range of emotions according to the situations we come into contact with. Studies have shown that our emotions get affected by the colors we are surrounded with. It is believed that colors emit frequencies that affect our brain and influence us to behave in a certain manner. We all are aware of the common association between various colors and the corresponding emotions. We wear white to indicate peace, black is associated with sorrow, while Orange indicates vigor. Likewise, several colors have got some emotion attached to them. The science of colors is applicable to flowers as well. We often send flowers to our loved ones to make them feel happy or to express our love for them, but not many of us know how choosing a particular color of the flower can help to elicit a cheerful response by the recipient. Given below is a list that provides you the information of various colors of flowers that evoke a positive response. These flowers can easily uplift the vibrations around you thus bringing a broad smile to your face. 


One of the most well-loved colors is the bright hue of yellow. Regarded as the color of ambivalence, yellow has always been associated with happiness. People associate it with virtues of nobility, and wisdom. This color is so bright that it is visible even from a distance, owing to its brightness yellow is also used as a symbol of caution. A yellow sunflower would be perfect to add joy to your day. 


Pale shades of red or a mixed shade of red and white produce the color pink which is mostly associated with femininity and fragility. Pink has got numerous associations. It indicates charm, childhood, sensitivity, innocence, seduction, and eroticism. Pink is mostly loved by women. This color would have hardly got a negative connotation to it. You may offer a pink tulip for expressing your compassion towards the recipient. 


Red is undoubtedly the most popular color after all it has got so many symbols attached to it. The symbolism of red color indicates a paradox. Red indicates love and passion. It also symbolizes wrath and bloodshed. Though associated with the matters of love, red is also used to indicate the presence of a danger. However, in the world of flowers, red is all about love. You may order a Red rose online to give it to your beloved. 


Purple is attributed to royalty and luxury. Being a combination of red and blue, this color exhibits the qualities of both of them. Thus, purple can be equated with both calmness and stimulation. Purple has varying shades, thus corresponding to different symbolism. Purple anemones are perfect for lifting spirits. You can offer the soothing blooms of lavender to make the recipient experience tranquility. 


As kids, white seemed to be the most useless crayon because we could hardly find any way of using it. But growing up made us realize the importance of white color. This color has always been associated with purity, chastity, and peace. It denotes cleanliness. Any flower of white color can be offered to denote peace and harmony. White lilies have traditionally been offered as indicators of purity. 


The bold and bright orange color indicates energy, excitement, and enthusiasm. It is obtained by mixing shades of yellow and red and is named after the popular fruit that shares the same name. This color denotes perfectionism, sensuality, and vigor. Saints and monks wear robes of orange color as it provides stability. Zinnia, marigold, poppy, and daisy are some flowers that bloom in the mesmerizing shades of orange. 

It has been proven scientifically that flowers are a nice way of spreading happiness as they are loved by all. You can make use of the color therapy of flowers to lower the amount of stress being experienced by your loved ones. This can be done through a simple online flower delivery that will result in the recipient receiving flowers at their home on any day chosen by you. Flowers are definitely a sweet surprise and effective in changing our mood.

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