Common Types of Injuries After a Slip & Fall

Slip and fall accidents are those accidents that are the result of carelessness in most cases. We see people taking precautions to avoid different types of accidents, but the scenario is different in this case.

People don’t think of it deeply, but there are so many examples where the victim becomes the prey of serious fatal injuries, and it’s never free from the risk of death.

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Let’s have a look at the common types of injuries after a slip and fall.

Head Injuries

In a sense, we can say that in a human body, the head is the most important part. The human brain is situated inside the head, and this brain controls our activity, thoughts, actions, everything.

Maybe this is the reason why using helmets is compulsory for riding vehicles on the roads.

In a slip and fall accident, the head is the part of our body that holds the 70% chance of getting hurt. When the head gets injured, the result can be so serious that you can’t even imagine. There is a term known as TBI, which indicates Traumatic Brain Injuries.

This type of injury indicates small to huge types of injuries of the brain. If the injury is small, it can be cured within a short period. But if the injury is serious, it can end up causing death.

Hip Fractures

The hip is the body part that connects the upper and the lower part of our body and enables us to keep the balance of our body.

This is a prevalent type of slip and fall injury. If the hip gets fractured, there is a very lowest chance of getting back the previous healthy hip joint.

In most cases, this fracture lasts till the death of the individual. Any kind of injury to the hip bone creates problems with walking, moving, or jumping.

Spinal Cord Injuries

The spinal cord is the part of our body that helps us keep the upper part of our body straight and strong. It makes a connection of the head with the other parts of our body.

The importance of this organ is unimaginable. In accidents like slip and fall, the spinal cord may break down. This will immediately push an individual to death.

Any kind of injury to the spinal cord will prevent an individual from having a normal life. An individual with spinal cord injury can’t afford even standstill.


Sprains and fractures are okay until they create pain in the muscles. Sometimes the pain gets unbearable, and at that time, pain killer pills or sprays are the only options to find ease.

Sprains and fractures can also be cured within a short period if the injury is not deep. If your bones get broken due to the slip and fall accident, it will cause huge suffering.

Due to the advancement of medical technology, it is also possible to join the broken bones together again. So, never lose hope if you ever face this kind of situation.

Internal Injuries

After a slip and fall accident, if the physical injury is not visible, most people ignore it thinking nothing has happened.

People are less concerned about internal injuries. But it has the most dangerous impact rather than visible physical injuries.

Internal injuries like internal tissue damage, breakage of vain, excessive blood clotting, etc., can also be the reason for death.

So, it’s wise to see a doctor and do a full-body check-up after an accident to avoid these circumstances.

Knee Damage

Our knees are the joints that enable us to walk properly. In slip and fall accidents, if the knees get hurt, it may make someone disable by snatching away the ability to walk properly. If the injury is small, it may take the rest of a few days to return to the fully cured form.

If the accident caused damage to the joint, it needs to be treated seriously. Pain in walking is a severe kind of complexity against living a normal life.


In minor slip and fall accidents, cuts and abrasions are normal types of injuries. This type injuries do not bring any long-term impact. It takes a concise time to be cured. But you have to be very careful about your hygiene.

It would be unwise if you ignore the cut or abrasion, thinking something very minor. First of all, you have to clean the cut very carefully because germs on that cut may cause infections. Taking fast aid is the first duty to do in this type of case.

Final verdict

If you ever find yourself in such a place with a massive chance of occurring an accident like slip and fall, be careful about preventing it. You have to be cautious because you will suffer from the result at the end of the day.

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