Crypto Exchange Architecture Explained

In the world, everyone talks about cryptocurrencies, and also can hear the talks in every corner. Do you know what reason cryptocurrencies are popular? It is simple. Every day maximum of 1000 and above users enter the crypto platform. This is a valuable reason for it.


Next coming into topics.., Are you interested in starting the cryptocurrency exchange platforms? sounds good. If you want to develop crypto exchange platforms, first you should know the crypto exchange architecture, then you can build your own crypto platforms.

Crypto Exchange Architecture

Crypto exchange architecture refers to all logic trading data stored in a particular place. Normally, crypto exchange architecture is divided into two types, like monolithic architecture and microservices.

In this article, we explore the two crypto exchange architectures ..,

Monolithic Architecture

Monolithic architecture is the single repository that saves all code and runs the different services and functions. It can be developed only by the top tier developers, everyone can not operate with the volume of code.

This kind of architecture is used in MVP projects and testing hypotheses.

Microservices Architecture

Microservices architecture is more flexible and scalability for development. This is a well-defined system, that can be used on a single purpose data and resources. It is an independently deployable service. It makes an easier distributed system, that can be changed as per their requirements. Microservices don’t reduce the complexity but will make visible the complexity function and manageable tasks into a separate small business and contribute to the overall whole.

In summary 

Which one are you choosing? Monolithic architecture can be divided into your choice for it. Clarisco solution implements the services to develop the crypto exchange platforms.

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