Debunking the Carpet Cleaning Myths

Debunking the Carpet Cleaning Myths

Carpet is not just a home decor item that is used to increase the beauty of a room. It provides insulation in the house and maintains an ideal temperature. A carpet also filters out harmful pollutants and microbes to keep the air pure. Isn’t it more than a thing installed on the floor? To keep the carpet in the best of its condition, it is imperative to offer it proper cleaning. Some people try to avoid this important chore because of certain myths that exist in the society. Listening to someone without knowing the facts can be harmful for the homeowners. So, let’s check out some not so true things that you usually hear around you about carpet cleaning:

Vacuuming is bad for Carpets

A vacuum cleaner is a tool that is easily available in the market can be purchased at affordable prices. But still some people hesitate to use it for cleaning because they are afraid that it might damage the fibres of the carpet. This is just a myth and no one should believe it. Vacuuming is as important as carpet cleaning services Sydney. These days, companies invest lots of money to manufacture durable and high-quality carpets. Various materials such as Nylon and polyester will not suffer from any type of wear and tear because of vacuum cleaners. Many years ago, the technology was not so advanced and hand-woven carpets were prone to damage from vacuuming. But now everything is changed and you can rely on vacuuming.

There are some things that must be kept in mind while using a vacuum cleaner. The equipment should be stored properly. Its operational value should be good. Also, there should be no problem while moving it back and forth on the carpet. If there are some big toys and objects on the floor, they can be picked before vacuuming.

Mould Increases Because of Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is one of the safest professional carpet cleaning services. Many people don’t want to book this service for mould removal because according to them, the problem will increase further. The truth is that steam never over-wets the carpet. Steam is not hot water that it will be absorbed by the carpet fibres. But yes, using steam at one place repeatedly can be wrong. Too much steam at one place can increase the moisture level. This might result in mould formation.

Carpet steam cleaning is an effective process but it requires skills and expertise. Make sure that you hire certified carpet cleaners who have detailed knowledge about mould removal and steam cleaning. Mould is actually a fungus that can spread rapidly if not handled properly. It can even damage the property near the carpet and spread different types of diseases. So, never be afraid to choose steam cleaning as it can destroy the mould spores better than other methods.

Baking Soda is an Effective Remedy

Baking soda looks good but only in the kitchen! Using this ingredient to remove the odour is a complete waste of time. Especially if you want to get rid of pet stains and odour, never use baking soda. It can temporarily absorb the odour but will never be able to remove the bacteria and dirt that produce that odour. The best solution is to contact a reliable carpet cleaning company and make the carpet clean inside and out. Always remember that DIY hacks can never replace professional cleaning.

Using Any Type of Carpet Cleaning Product is Fine

It is convenient to visit a store and purchase a branded carpet cleaning product. But is it suitable for your carpet? There are various things to check when it comes to the selection of the detergents and stain removal products. It is better to leave these things to experts because they know the technicalities such as carpet material types and concentrations of different chemicals. By using the wrong product without getting any training can be dangerous for the carpet. This thing can ruin the fibres of the carpet. If you have kids, pets or an allergy-prone person at home, it is better to inform the carpet cleaners in advance. This can help in preventing any type of harm.

Why Clean the Carpet when it looks Fine?

If your carpet looks clean, it does not mean that it is clean from the inside as well. Sometimes, bacteria, viruses, fungus, dust mites and many other invisible living beings make a home in your carpet and you don’t even realise it. When people start falling sick, then people bother to clean the carpet. So, never wait for the problems to become bigger. Even if the carpet seems fine, make it a habit to hire professional carpet cleaners after every 5-6 months. This habit can save lots of unnecessary expenses in future.

Carpet Cleaning is Not Good for Environment

If you also believe this, then it’s time to forget this myth. The fact is that carpet cleaning is beneficial for the environment. There are methods such hot water extraction and steam cleaning where little or no chemicals are used to remove the stains. There is also no need to worry about chemical residues because steam and hot water are natural agents. Also, carpets work continuously to keep the environment free from dirt, dust and pollutants. By cleaning the carpet frequently, you provide it time to rejuvenate and again trap the environment-polluting components.

Carpet Cleaning is Expensive

Professional carpet cleaning is convenient and affordable as well. Many companies charge reasonable rates for the services they offer. Expensive cleaning products, premium quality equipment and high-class services are offered at a nominal price by some carpet cleaning service providers. You can save the expenditure of buying these expensive things and also the cost of carpet replacement by taking professional service. Everyone knows that hospital treatments are very expensive these days, but by keeping the carpets clean we can save our loved ones from frequent hospital visits.

Winter is Not the Right Season for Carpet Cleaning

Many people wait for the summer season to clean the carpet. But waiting for so long can make the carpet dirtier. In winter, kids stay at home and dirty moist shoes from outside come in contact with the carpet. Holidays and festivals are celebrated in the winter season. So, it is essential to keep the house ready for the guests. The dirt never looks at the season before settling into your carpet, so you should also not avoid carpet cleaning in winter. There is surely a drawback that sunlight and warmth are less in the winter season. You will not face any problem regarding carpet drying if you choose professional carpet cleaning services. The experts have powerful blow-dryers and fans that fulfil the requirement of air flow.


There are different kinds of myths that revolve around carpet cleaning. But believing them without knowing the facts is not the right decision because carpet cleaning provides various health benefits. If you are worried about chemical-based cleaning methods, then you can rely on carpet cleaning services Sydney like steam cleaning and hot water extraction. Whenever you find that the carpet as showing signals of being dirty, take the help from experts without giving it a second thought!

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