Difference between Mini and Full Facelift

Difference between Mini and Full Facelift

Before directly differentiating between the types of facelift, we must first know what is meant by a facelift. A facelift, medically known as rhytidectomy, is a popular cosmetic surgical procedure to tackle the signs of severe facial folds, wrinkles, and excessively sagging skin and reposition of the facial muscles to their previous places. The procedure involves making incisions around the ears or sometimes under the chin to remove surplus fat, tighten the facial muscles, and lift the fascia so that the face appears overall rejuvenated. Sometimes, the patient may need more fat level or contouring of the face while others may require minimal work to be done. Due to aging, the lower face may droop and the upper half of the face may still look youthful. With a facelift, the facial symmetry can be restored.


According to Dr. Akangsha Sharma, Best Plastic Surgeon in Jaipur practising at AK Aesthetics, ‘There are different types of facelifts that the patients can choose from depending upon what facial aging concerns they need to address and how they want to alter their appearance’. During the initial consultation, a good surgeon always discusses with the patients their expectations and also helps them determine their appropriate facelift option. Hence, to achieve the best outcomes a patient must get the surgery done by an expert plastic or cosmetic surgeon to achieve safe outcomes from the surgery.


Thinking of how these facelifts vary from one another and which version of a facelift is right for you? Here you can learn the clear difference between the two with the information shared by Dr. Akangsha Sharma at AK Aesthetics.


Mini Facelift


The mini facelift is less involved surgery than a traditional facelift but slightly more complex than an abbreviated facelift which helps only treat the early noticeable aging signs. It primarily focuses on relieving more advanced or deep aging signs on the jawline, neck, and lower cheeks areas. More visible deep-seated wrinkles, sagging neck, fat deposits that seem to be settled or accumulated near the chin, and larger jowls can all be addressed by a mini-facelift.


The surgery involves making small and discreet cuts behind the earlobes and underneath the chin based on the area being targeted. This lifts the superficial skin layer of the face and separates it from the underlying fat, facial muscles, and tissues. Then, the surgeon manipulates the skin of the surgical site by gently lifting it in different directions and by removing the excess skin to create a smoother, tighter, and youthful-looking face for the patient.


The benefits of having a mini-facelift surgery include:

  • Less time is taken to perform the surgery as compared to a full facelift.

  • Short recovery of approximately 9 to 12 days.

  • Less making of incisions so there is minimal scarring.

  • It can correct severe aging problems without having to go through a full facelift.

  • There is a lower risk of anesthesia as it is typically done under local anesthesia.

  • It is less expensive than a traditional facelift.


Full Facelift (or Traditional Facelift)


A full facelift is a surgical procedure designed to dramatically change the appearance of an overall aged face. It focuses on correcting advanced aging concerns on the entire face including the jawline, mid-facial region (cheeks), eyes, forehead, and even neck. Extremely deep wrinkles, banding near the neck region, a lot of fat deposits under the chin over the years, and heavy jowls can all be corrected with full facelift surgery.


The procedure involves making incisions behind the ears and along the hairline. It is the best fit for people who have a lot of aging symptoms around their cheeks and eyes or forehead.


Typically, if a patient undergoes a full facelift, then he/she will even get a neck lift or brow lift performed on himself/herself so that the entire facial appearance is altered to reverse the visible aging signs.


Some of the benefits of a full facelift include:

  • Long-lasting results as compared to alternative anti-aging treatments

  • Impressive and dramatic results

  • Multiple surgeries like brow lifts and neck lifts can be done simultaneously to correct several aging issues at a time.


However, in contrast to a mini facelift, a full facelift has a drawback: the long recovery time. Although the longevity of the recovery period varies among the patients, the average time is around 2 to 4 weeks.


At AK Aesthetics, Dr. Akangsha Sharma, performs all types of plastic and cosmetic surgery in Jaipur. To get their benefits, book an appointment today!

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