Differences Between Fake Love and Pure Love

Differences Between Fake Love and Pure Love

What is Love?

Love is something that should be pure to have the best experiences in your life. Love makes you stand different from the crowd with constant support and always helping in various tasks that life offers. Love is not about having any personal motive in terms of anything going on in life. LOve is termed as the term of emotions, passion, consistency, intimacy, and commitment. It involves various factors like care, support, protectiveness, attraction, affection, and trust. Love can vary according to factors like intensity and can also vary according to time. Many people are confused about what is love to clear the required doubts one should go for what is true love in Hindi? to understand the same. 

When we are talking about love, it is the most important human emotion that is possessed by different individuals based on different relationship types. Love is part of every relationship you possess, but the type of love varies according to the relationship. That means a mother-child or father-child relationship has a different type of love between them but similarly, the husband-wife or boyfriend-girlfriend relationship has a different kind of love and friends have different types of bond. So every relationship you possess has love but with different intensity as per your bond with the other person. 

Differences between fake love and Pure love

There are a lot of differences in terms of pure and fake love. One should be easily able to recognize the differences once you go through some of the major differences that are listed below for your reference. 

Fake Love always has an Agenda

As discussed so far it is clear that true love is mostly found in a parent-child relationship because parents are the ones who can make you feel the best and could love you for your entire life without any motive. They show the purest form of love in your life. Similarly, to love someone so deeply is difficult in today’s time, all a person needs is just loyalty. If you are loyal in your every relationship, that is the purest form of love. 

Fake love shames

It is said that the most basic difference between fake love and pure love is that the person who loves you purely will always accept you with all the flaws and help you grow at the speed you want to grow. Whereas fake love always shames you for the flaws and other problems you might have. Not only understanding the person is enough, it is also important to understand things in a way that you accept the things and help the other person grow positively. 

Fake Love has secrets

Once you know what love is you also know the fact that in true love there are no secrets. a person tells everything to the other person because they know that the other person won’t judge on any basis. so if you have secrets between you then the love isn’t pure. 

Fake love harms the other person

The major difference that is seen between fake love and true love is that there is no sense of harm in terms of true love whereas in fake love things are not pure and it can harm the other person in some or other way. 

Real love sticks

No person in this entire world is perfect so love is only true if it sticks in every condition. There are several conditions in which a person feels low and things like that or may feel irritated at times. It is true love that will stick to you even if you are not feeling good in any terms of life. Fake love may not be able to handle the obstacles and the hardships that can come as a part of life in any of your relationships 


It is understood that love is the part of every relationship, it can vary according to the intensity and other factors, but it is the part of every relationship a person possesses. But the major problem that is faced by many individuals today is that love isn’t pure, it is much more about marking personal motives. So one should not do these things because the purest love that can be seen is that given by the parents. Parents are the ones who love you in every condition and also help you grow as an individual. Similarly, you can also find love in your other relationships by just being true to the other person’s face. 

Therefore true love is not hard to find. What is necessary to do is that every individual should change themselves and just try to be honest and true in various conditions just to have a better outlook. In the end, True love will make you grow positively and help you in various other aspects and situations in your life.

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