Does Gaining Too Much Weight Affect Heart Health?

It is disheartening once you lose your perfect body shape. Your old dress seems too tight and becomes too hard to tackle the changes. So, Paras Hospital Patna can solve this issue. The cardiologist there is always there for you. 

Just cool down; once you know the facts, start working on yourself and enjoy the outcome.

Top Causes of Weight Affecting Heart

  1. Gain weight for depression

Quite shocking right? But as WHO estimates, 250 million in the entire world are victims of depression. It is one of the top reasons why most people gain weight. In that case, you might know, depression can be overcome. One can also become the victim of a heart attack. So, excess weight affecting the heart can be serious. 

  • Certain Body Shape

Somebody’s shape results in weight gain. The main sufferers are the ones with endomorph body types. These people are more prone to gaining weight and even have to do enough hard work to reduce the same. So, a proper workout plan helps a lot in this case. In doing so, the risk of cardiovascular issues can be sorted.

  • Stress affects much

You don’t care about the food consumed when you are stressed. Following that, stress can even lead to increased appetite due to the secretion of the cortisol hormone. A person can increase the risk of heart attack with immense stress. So, doctors of Paras Hospital Patna focus on simple yoga and meditation.

  • Consumption of unhealthy stuff

We have always been cautioned to avoid junk foods from childhood. But did we ever care? No, we didn’t. The food colors and high carbs present in those foods make you gain weight. One person can end up having a high risk of heart disease then. The best thing is choosing homemade delicacies.

  • The imbalanced thyroid growth

Our body needs the proper functioning of the thyroid for various purposes. The hormones T3, T4, and calcitonin are present in the thyroid. So, less production of such can lead to hypothyroidism. One can end up having excess weight. So, excess weight affecting the heart can come up.

  • Control over portion sizes

Sometimes, eating healthy food won’t benefit you if you don’t check portion sizes. Therefore, eat well and exercise regularly, as doing so you would never gain much weight. To minimize the portion size, just include food as much as your palm. Following this, one can eliminate cardiac issues to a large extent.

  • Medicines cause weight growth.

We are quite unaware of the fact that one of the side effects of some medicines includes weight gain. Medicines for migraine, diabetes, birth control, allergy, and blood pressure come with weight gaining effects. Generally, a heart attack can also occur if one gets overweight. Consult your cardiologist in Patna and stick to exercises in such a case. 

  1. Gaining Weight During Pregnancy

A pregnant woman tends to notice sudden physical plus hormonal changes in her body. Even the cravings for some foods increase at that moment. She might focus on food and increase her heart risk. However, certain complications may arise due to the increase in weight. To avoid the issue, have a consultation with a cardiologist.

  • Age – a factor of gaining weight

Age is one of the basic factors for gaining more weight. As a women cross 30 years, she loses muscle mass. Additionally, the tensions and less physical activity become prominent. However, excess weight affecting the heart can turn into a reality.

  • Alcohol Consumption

‘Alcohol harms’ yes, it is known. But do you know it’s a great contributor to fat? It does increase weight by breaking itself into sugar and accumulating unnecessary fat in the body. Be wise; drink in a limit. Slowly and gradually balance your life smoothly.

  • Crash diet – Leading to gain weight

It is often seen that not all women seem fit for a crash diet. This can just increase many calories. The reason is the storage of fats by the calorie intake from the foods. Following that, excess weight affecting the heart can turn up. Do not rely on a crash diet for losing weight, but practice workout regularly. 

  • Unaware of healthy fats

Sometimes, people to cut fats consumption ignore the intake of healthy fats. So, as a result, leptin secretion slows down, and the appetite rises severely. For that, choose foods like walnuts, peanut butter, avocado, and fish, as this can be healthy as well as give you a slim body.

  • Salt intake

Consumption high amount of salt can result in weight gain. This is because of the water present in the salt. A cardiologist asks to control the same. This is to avoid heart diseases in the future. Also, fries and pickles do the same. In that case, cut the salt intake and stick to a proper workout plan.

  • Snacks at late night

Craving for delicious food pops up when you stay awake for too long. And that is the time when you seek some simple snack including chips or ice cream. The sugar present gains weight in them. Even major heart diseases can pop up.

Everything revolves around your willpower. If you are not committed to losing weight, you can. So, one must do so for heart issues.

Best Treatment for Overweight Concerning Heart

One of the best means of treatment can be bariatric surgery. A skilled cardiologist can carry out this. In doing so, excess weight can be reduced. Also, one can get relief from body shaming. Not only that but life risks can also get eliminated.

Following that, weight loss can eradicate the effect on the heart. Further, cardiac diseases should be managed effectively. Generally, bariatric surgery can help in weight loss if you’re not benefitting from medication and different diet plans. Thus, one patient can return to a normal lifestyle.

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