Dos & Don’ts of Styling Polo Shirts

One of the best wardrobe unifiers is the custom polo shirt. It is an ensemble that you will find in everyone’s wardrobe. Your father most likely has one that is a little too faded. Your golfing uncle most likely wears one on and off the course. And, we’re guessing, your stylish younger brother owns an oversized one? You might even own one or two, and if not, you really should. This is because, for more than a century, this smart casual style has occupied the sweet spot between smart and casual dressing.

The polo shirt, like denim, has a long history. It originated in the polo field and quickly became a menswear staple that was adopted by many subcultures. However, because it has athletic roots, it is more comfortable than essentials with workwear or military origins.

The custom polo shirt is an ideal outfit. You can dress them up for professional settings without being stuffy. And as we come out of lockdown, you’ll discover that they’re the ideal transitional piece from what you’ve been lounging into what you’ll be wearing out and about. And since they aren’t going away, you might as well find one that works for you.

Tips for Wearing a Polo Shirt

A custom polo shirt is appropriate for almost any occasion. It looks equally good at a football game or an office party. You can wear it as a tailored blazer with ripped jeans because its distinctive collar, breathable fabric, and buttons make it a style statement like no other. While a Polo shirt is versatile, certain etiquette must be followed in order to highlight your style. But, before you show off your shirt, remember these polo shirt styling Dos and Don’ts.


Do Not Layer

The fit of a Polo shirt should be such that it sits well on you without being too tight. You should not be able to wear anything like an undershirt. Keep in mind that an undershirt will show through your sleeve or leave you with a crumpled collar.

Also, if you like to wear a blazer, go for a dress shirt rather than a custom polo shirt.

You should never wear two Polo shirts at the same time. Because it gives the impression that you are looking for attention rather than being fashionable.

Do Not Wear a Tight Polo Shirt

There’s a fine line between a well-fitting custom polo shirt and one that’s too tight. A good fit test is to place your finger between the sleeve and your bicep. If you can’t get your finger in, you should get a larger size. In contrast, if you discover a lot of slack, try a smaller one. Because high-quality Polo shirts are made of light fabrics like cotton, they should fit well and not reveal too many contours.

Do Not Pop the Shirt Collar

It is no longer trendy to pull your Polo shirt collar back, and it is unlikely to become fashionable again. If you apply sunscreen with a high SPF factor to your neck, you won’t need to pop the collar. Some argue that popping the collar is juvenile and should only be done by teenagers trying to look cool.

Do Not Wear Shirts With Large Logos

While fashion experts suggest avoiding wearing custom polo shirts with large logos. However, a small and discreet logo on the chest is acceptable. If you must have a logo, choose one that is the same color as the fabric rather than one in a contrasting color.

Don’t Tuck Your Polo Shirt into Shorts

Unless you want to go full prep, wear the polo untucked with shorts. But if you don’t mind going full prep, throw caution to the wind and tuck that bad boy in. And remember to get your boat shoes.

Don’t Stress About the Buttons

There is no hard and fast rule about whether or not to button your polo shirt buttons. However, if you can’t decide, button at least one button. If you leave all the buttons undone, you will look floppy.


Do Consider Your Height

It is critical to wear the proper length Polo shirt. The tail of your shirt should not extend past the middle of your buttocks. If it is longer, it will appear disproportionate when not tucked in and will crumple and show if the tail is tucked in.

If you intend to wear the shirt untucked, avoid polo shirts with a longer back hem. They are known as tennis tails.

Do Go for A Cotton Blend

Fortunately, there are numerous options available. Cotton is your good choice. Because it is breathable and absorbs moisture. But there are also more breathable cotton-linen blends for the hottest summer days. These fabrics will ensure that your polo feels like a cross between a tee and an Oxford shirt. That means you can dress it up or down for both casual and formal occasions.

DO Think Beyond Jeans

Polos and jeans are timeless, but there are numerous other ways to wear a custom polo shirt. So, why restrict yourself? When it comes to classy casual, polos and chinos are an unbeatable combination. Polo shirts and joggers form our favorite ultra-casual outfit. These two items’ sporty yet structured natures work well together. They create an ideal look that appears put together but is effortless.

DO Look for Solid, Neutral Colors

Polos with stripes can make you appear like a frat boy. A neutral tone solid color custom polo shirt will look more sophisticated. It will also be easier to match with other items in your wardrobe. Don’t think that this advice only applies to solid dark colors! A white custom polo shirt is the most versatile outfit in the fashion world. Since you can pair it with almost any other color in your wardrobe. It will be suitable for almost any casual occasion.

Choose a polo with a contrasting color on the collar or sleeve cuffs to add some interest. It’s an excellent way to add a splash of color and stand out. But if patterned polos are your thing, there’s no need to get rid of them. Just keep them for the day and change things up after dark.

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