Enjoy Wolf Tours In Rwanda And Much More!

Rwanda is located in Africa. This country was once associated with tragedy and genocide. However, things have changed lately and its citizens are enjoying peace. At the same time, it has become a wonderful destination for adventure and wildlife enthusiasts who are visiting this place from all over the world. There are indeed several reasons for you to make a trip to Rwanda some of which are given below.

Gorilla tour

Gorilla trekking Rwanda is quite popular among global tourists. This country does boast of having mountain gorilla and wolf population. These creatures can be found in the country’s north-western part especially around Volcanoes National Park. However, access to this park is controlled by the government. Passes are offered for tourists to take a glimpse at the gorillas in its natural habitat. It will be better to book in advance to ensure not miss out on the trek.

Presence of other animals

This country is well known for its classic safari and an amazing destination to be for all wildlife enthusiasts. Akagera National Park is home to the ‘Big Five’ animals like leopard, buffalo, elephant, rhino and the majestic looking lion. This wetland and savannah spreads across the country’s east flank. River Kagera and Tanzania border shapes this place. During the 90’s poaching combined with subsistence hunting was quite rampant thereby decreasing wildlife population considerably. Since 2009, stringent measures have been taken to protect the endangered species.


Volcano National Park is known for its past vast fire-breathing peaks. There are five volcanoes here out of eight that provide Virunga Mountain’s ridgeline with a lava-born grandeur. The highest among them is Mt. Karisimbi which is around 4,507m (14,787ft) with snow on its summit. Its name is said to translate loosely in the native language as ‘snow’. It is possible to climb the volcano on foot as it is presently inactive. Hike upwards however, takes around two days to complete. Although strenuous, it is quite rewarding.

Chimpanzees and birds

To the country’s south-western part is present National Parks Club. It is close to Burundi’s border. ‘Nyungwe Forest National Park’ is considered to be a pristine jungle. Here, you can get to see chimpanzees playing in glee and jumping from one branch to the other. Also, there are 300+ bird species that can be found taking shelter in the trees. This remote place is slowly experiencing development allowing tourists to enjoy completely.

Overcoming its darkest hours

The 1994 Rwandan Genocide was considered to be once the most desperate episodes suffered by the citizens here. The then majority Hutu government had massacred the Tutsi population. Millions were displaced. You can still get to view a few remnants of the past history at Kigali, the country’s capital. The genocide that occurred here is rather compared with that of the Cambodia’s ‘Killing fields’ or Nazi Germany’s concentration camps. But these are the past and Rwanda has now changed for the better attracting tourists from all over the world.

Pretty safe

Concerning personality security, drinking water, etc. you do need to take standard precautions. The present situation is quite different from what it was before. The current government has been promoting tourism and making the place safe for its citizens and foreign tourists alike. Importance is also being given to upgrade the national parks and tourist spots to make it more appealing.

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