Enter The Digital Era By Creating An Ubereats Like Online Food Delivery App

Everything is getting digital now. One of the basic needs for people is food. Gone are the days when individuals used to spend long hours in the kitchen. The availability of smartphones along with the higher disposable income of customers has promoted the tendency of instant order fulfilment. 

With eateries across the world slowly automating their business operations, it is the correct time for entrepreneurs to enter this booming sector. They can launch a customized Online food delivery app and satisfy the urge of users.  

How will the Food Ordering and Delivery Sector grow in the future?

“Platform-to-Consumer” will be the biggest business model in the years to come. Overall, the global food delivery industry will pocket a hefty revenue of $306.80 million in 2021. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has played a major role in boosting the prospects of the on-demand economy. It will grow at an impressive annual rate of 10.1% for the next 4 years. Besides that, the sector will be worth $449.29 million by 2025. 

What are the highlights of a Food Delivery Clone App?

Advanced order management system 

There are 2 types of orders received from users. Owners of a food delivery platform can offer door deliveries and self-pickup options. They can utilize their own fleet of executives or partner with a reputed 3rd party food delivery platform. A high level of efficiency is ensured for eateries. They can categorize the booking status into 3 types (Ready for Pickup by Delivery Executive, Dish being Prepared in the Kitchen, and Order Dispatched). 

Eateries will receive a summary report of all their orders accepted over a period (daily, weekly, and monthly). This will help in maintaining control over the cash flow, profits, and revenue. 

Digital marketing tools 

How can entrepreneurs increase their loyal customer base? They ought to implement online promotional campaigns. Word-of-the-mouth buzz will increase the trust of foodies. They would start regularly ordering dishes after checking newsletters via email, SMS updates and social media posts.   

Analyzing user data would be crucial for the expansion of food delivery operations. Some tactics for techpreneurs would be the creation of a Google My Business account, WhatsApp for Business account, Facebook pixel integration and a reward-based referral program.

Integration with several payment processors 

Providing numerous payment options makes a big difference between a good and a bad food delivery app. Customers must be permitted to execute transactions via credit and debit cards, international bank transfers, and mobile wallets like Google Pay and Paytm. Accordingly, users will get huge discounts and offers by using selected coupons and promo codes. 

Menu modification facility 

Printing a list of dishes once and changing them takes a lot of time. However, a digital food delivery platform will help in the customization of their items. They can flexibly add or remove delicacies for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner. Subsequently, restaurant owners can change their descriptions, ingredients used, pictures, and videos. 

Modern filtering mechanism 

Customers will take a lot of time to choose a specific dish and order the same in a restaurant. Sometimes, they would get their food late due to the heavy crowd in an eatery. However, buying a meal on an online food delivery app is hassle-free. There are plenty of filtering options like available discounts and offers, location of the restaurant, name of the item, price, and type of cuisine (veg and non-veg). 

Point of Sale (PoS) device support 

Managing orders independently is a big challenge for restaurants. However, a Point of Sale software will help in streamlining both the ongoing and upcoming orders. Managers of eateries can control all the bookings received from customers via an online dashboard. 

QR code scanning option 

“The Great Growling Engine of Change is Technology”. Customers can directly view menus by using QR codes. They can check the cost of various food items and decide to purchase them. In the long run, this ensures transparency in food sharing as there will not be a significant difference between the price of a dish in a restaurant and a delivery platform. 

Real-time tracking of delivery executives 

Logistics personnel will be moving left, right, and centre. Depending on the target market of the food delivery platform, entrepreneurs can monitor the movement of the order fulfilment executives. Generally, the total earnings will depend on the average time taken to complete a delivery, the number of bookings made by customers and the total distance covered. 

Why will a customized Online food delivery be a game-changer?

A ready-to-launch food order fulfilment platform will give entrepreneurs an upper hand against their rivals. Subsequently, a quick launch in a few days or weeks will enable techpreneurs to improve their traction in the market. 

With a state-of-the-art tech stack, the food delivery clone app offers several benefits like a personal touch with customers, a smooth collection of revenue, and a user-friendly interface. All the core features and functionalities can be modified based on the entrepreneur’s requirements. 

Post a certain period, innovative business minds can join hands with bars, bistros, cafeterias, cloud kitchens, fast food outlets, fine dining restaurants, food trucks, pubs etc. This will help in an increase in cash flow and daily order volume.

Wrapping Up

Undoubtedly, the future of the food delivery industry is changing. With a mind-boggling increase in smartphone usage, people prefer ordering dishes from the comfort of their homes.

For instance, popular order fulfilment platforms like UberEats are focusing more on B2B deliveries. Importantly, the American platform has updated its business menu to entice hybrid workers amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

Owners of a digital food delivery platform can also team up with corporate enterprises and provide attractive combo plans to employees and clients. Besides that, they can also entice labourers working from home with options like in-built breakfast and lunch services.

Entrepreneurs can go one step ahead by introducing gift cards and vouchers. The new trend will be the formulation of meal programmes based on the interests of workers. It can be adjusted depending on the budget, location, preferences and tastes of users, and time.

Are you a clever person who wants to disrupt the way people consume their stuff? Come out with an online food delivery app now and take command of the entire market.

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