For Kidney Hopefuls, Costs are Another Deterrent

For Kidney Hopefuls, Costs are Another Deterrent

Let’s face it- A kidney transplant is an optimal therapy for advanced chronic renal disease. This procedure can only be possible if you have a healthy donor by your side. However, due to the lack of non-availability of donors, most of the patients die without getting the right transplant. The reason is unaffordable, high kidney transplant costs. Many patients can’t even afford the compatibility test cost needed to match the donor’s organ with the recipient. 

Why Costs are Deterrent for Kidney Hopefuls

Kidney transplant in India has gained vast recognition in a few years. However, in many places, the treatment lacks basic facilities. A single dialysis cost is somewhere between 1500 INR to 3000INR per season when it comes to the cost. Patients with kidney failure need at least two sessions per week. Moreover, when it comes to organ compatibility tests, it costs somewhere around 22,000 INR. It includes blood grouping match, lymphocyte matching, and Human Leucocyte Antigen Typing. It is a time-consuming process that takes around 5-7 days. Unfortunately, these tests are not available in many hospitals, and if they are available, they are quite expensive. Therefore, many doctors bring the facility to the city, regardless of its huge cost. A single kit that costs one lakh can easily perform 80-90 tests. 

Kidney Transplant Cost in India

With the advancement in technology, India has introduced many new technologies in organ transplants. The best aspect about it is that these advanced technological treatments are cost-effective. In India, the kidney transplant cost starts from USD 1300. It includes everything from pre-transplant analysis, surgery, and other expenses. Patients from other parts of the world like the USA, UK, and other European countries prefer India for kidney transplants as it helps them save huge money. Although the overall kidney transplant surgery in India largely varies for different factors. The basic surgical and evaluation cost is the same for the patients. However, a few parameters fluctuate the overall cost of the treatment. This parameter includes:

  • Type of Hospital

The type of hospital, especially the accreditation and location, are the main factors contributing to the package’s overall cost. Many hospitals are accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI). It is the world’s most reliable benchmark for healthcare centers. In such hospitals, the surgery cost can be a bit more. 

  • Type of donor/transplant

Another deciding factor of kidney transplants is the cost of evaluation and surgery. The ABO incompatibility kidney transplant is an advanced procedure that can be done without a blood type match. This transplant removes the antibodies from the patient’s body against the donor blood group. It uses techniques like immunoadsorption or plasmapheresis. Therefore, the cost of this transplant is quite more than others. 

  • Experience of Surgeon

Another crucial factor that decides a kidney transplant cost in India is surgeon expertise. India is home to many top surgeons who have completed their training as well as medical education from the top institutions. 

  • Hospital Stay

The transplant patient needs to stay in the hospital for proper healing and recovery for a few days. Moreover, a patient has to stay in the hospital, depending on the recovery speed and any complications! It allows the medical team to observe them for rejection symptoms or other complications. 

  • Category of room

Although you can choose from different rooms such as twin-sharing rooms, deluxe, triple-sharing, and single rooms at different hospitals, the cost varies greatly depending on the type of room you choose. 

  • Other medications and tests

You can also get an option to add tests and medications to your package. Usually, the recipient and donor undergo various tests around 7-15 days before the transplantation. 

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