Gorilla Trekking Rwanda: Getting to Know It’s Importance

For the majority of the tourists, the most memorable and exciting part about their trip to Africa is seeing all their favorite animals in the wild. But the encounters with the rare mountain gorillas of Central Africa are the most popular type of wildlife-related safari that many tourists enjoy. The gorilla trekking Rwanda is one of the best wildlife experiences globally. You start right from the edge of the volcano, proceed further into the forest, and go towards the summit. While trekking, you, along with the guides, scan the surroundings to catch a glimpse of the most majestic creature on planet Earth, the mountain gorillas of Rwanda. 

What makes gorilla trekking so important?

The gorilla trekking tourism in Rwanda greatly helps in supporting the efforts to protect these majestic animals and also magnifies the conditions of all the local communities. This particular tourism also increases the number of travellers who wish to see these endangered animals within their natural habitat. 

All the visitors who purchase the gorilla trekking pass for trekking have to pay up the park authorities to conduct such activities. Here, paying means funding for the reserve management and salaries of the rangers who patrol the forests to keep the gorillas well-protected from poaching and monitoring the gorillas. 

Visitors who support all the local economies will hire local operators, eat within the local establishments, participate in local activities and reside in local lodges. This can help create healthy communities both around and in the national parks that stand out as safe places for the last remaining mountain gorillas of Central Africa. 

Things you should take when going gorilla trekking

When you’re all set to go for the gorilla trekking Rwanda, there are several things that you need to take with you. These things are:

  1. Gloves: When trekking, you might be grabbing all the vines, branches and trees to move further and might get beaten by an insect or get a scratch if you are not careful. So, to prevent such things from happening, you can take touch gardening gloves with you. Those gloves might look pretty lame, but you will be happy to bring them with you. 
  2. Boots: Wearing good boots while gorilla trekking is essential for you to carry a pair of top-quality boots will surely be a good choice. These boots are expensive but so are your ankles once they break. It will be better if you opt for any cheap quality sneakers that cannot offer you the protection you need while trekking.
  3. Energy Food: The Rwanda gorilla trekking safaris can be pretty tough, but it’s impossible. You must carry energy snacks like chocolate, dried fruits, power bars and nuts, as they will keep you full and energized during the whole gorilla trekking activity. But make sure that you take all the rubbish with you wherever you go. 
  4. Rain Jacket: If you’re going trekking in the tropical rainforests of Virunga and Bwindi, you must take a light rain jacket because there is a good chance you will experience rain while trekking. You should roll pack one in your bag and then use it when it’s needed. 

Ending Note 

So, are you planning to go on a gorilla trek in Rwanda? Make sure that you make your plans according and contact a trusted and reliable travel agency for it. Also, don’t forget to pack up all the required items so that you have an outstanding experience. 


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