Guide to Purchase Affordable Dance Shoes and Why they are Important

Guide to Purchase Affordable Dance Shoes and Why they are Important

Different dance styles require other footwear, and it’s essential to have your child fitted correctly in the correct shoes before heading into their first dance class! Dancing lets you have a free mind, exercise, and move with your soul. Sadly, it also can be expensive, especially if you dance professionally or with a group. This is true regarding shoes, but they need not have to be. One of the reasons that dancers overspend on this item is that they need to decide which kind to buy. Though there are many affordable dance shoes variations that are available in the market

Why Function, Fit and Quality of Dance Shoes are So Important!

  • Function: You would not think to buy tap shoes for a ballet class or ballet slippers for a hip-hop lesson. Therefore, the function and purpose of the shoe are crucial.
  • Fit: Dance shoes must fit properly to function in all the dance styles – and it’s important to remember that how a dance shoe fits are different from how a casual shoe fits!
  • Quality of Materials: The cheapest shoe available in the market is likely not using the best quality materials and will not hold up to hours of wear in the studio.
  • Construction: It is also essential to ensure your shoes are well-made and designed. As with the quality of materials, many manufacturers produce shoes that look like dance shoes but are copies of other better brands.

How to choose the right shoes for classical Ballet 

Depending on the skills a ballet dancer is trained in, the shoes must be a correct fit. These shoes depend on the types of dance she chooses – Leather or canvas Ballet shoes, Demi-pointe shoes, Character shoes etc. For very young aged dancers, most of the time, the ideal ballet shoes should be in leather, full-soled, light pink, or neutral tones in colour, and include an attached elastic across the top of the foot as well as a drawstring to help tighten the shoe.

How to choose the right shoes for Jazz Dances 

There are many options of jazz shoes available that come with innovative materials. They are like – Full sole, split sole, lace-up or slip-on shoes, and jazz sneakers. The basics of a jazz shoe include a snug fit like a sock, a slip-on or lace-up design, a small heel, and a split or entire sole. The majority of jazz shoes on the market are made of leather only, leather with neoprene or elastic inserts, or stretch canvas material.

How to choose the Right Tap shoes 

These kinds of shoes come in various styles, from flats to heels. While choosing one, you should keep the following things in mind.

  • Mary Janes (strap and buckle)
  • Full-sole flat (laced)
  • Split sole flat (laced up)
  • Character heels with various heights 

These shoes have very little room to provide as these comfortable dance shoes will give you no extra burden of their weight.

How to choose shoes for Hip-Hop Dance Classes 

The critical thing to remember with hip hop shoes, as with all dance shoes, is that they are to be worn only in the studio to minimize tracking in dirt from street shoes into the dance space. The main options for hip-hop shoes are:

  • Split-sole dance sneakers
  • Full-sole dance sneakers
  • Full-sole street shoes


Now that you have come to know how to choose the right comfortable dance shoes fit for you and the perfect ones to wear for each style, we hope your Dancing experience will be much better.

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