How Covid-19 Affect Our Beauty Salon Industry

Beauty and salon industry is very huge and pandemic is impactful worldwide. The shutdown for a long time has a very bad impact on the business. The leaders of this industry have to deal with lots of challenges so that the company will survive. Companies get hit hard but it’s the need of society so it will bounce back again.


Social distancing and isolation are the parts of our life and salons have to adopt this. Social contact is going to reduce when everything gets back to normal. Online salon booking is an easy way to visit the salon safely and this is going to be high in demand. So, going back to the new normal is not an easy task, there are several measures for the beauty salon industry that helps to build up again.


  • Connect with the audience

Common users are spending so much time on social media and online platforms. Especially in lockdown, when they are free more likely to use online platforms. Grab this opportunity and connect with the audience via these platforms. Be on every social media platform- Facebook, Instagram and other spaces.

Show yourself to the audience to stay connected with them. When the situation resumes they will consider your business. Make an impactful presence on their mind to get the services done at an affordable cost.


  • Online promotion is must

Lockdown doesn’t mean that you have to be invisible and shut down your business. Promote your business online, it’s the best time to promote any services. Tell about your services, make social media pages of your business, connect with your audience, solve their problems.

As the research found 82% of Indians love to get tips and advice from beauty salons for their day to day concern. Grab their attention, and let them be aware of the tips and solutions for hair, skin and beauty concerns. Facebook, instagram, YouTube and blogs are the easiest and best ways to connect with your customers.


  • Social distancing

Social distancing should be maintained in salon as well. How to maintain that? Consider pre booking appointments to avoid rush and waiting in the salon for the turn. Online salon booking apps help to maintain social distancing with online appointment opportunities for consumers. It’s the safest option for everyone. Maintaining a crowd in the salon is not an easy task, that’s why start online booking for safety.


Zoylee is India’s leading platform for online salon booking. They offer pre booking for nearby salons and visit there at slot time. This way you don’t have to wait and also maintain distance as well.


  • Sanitation and cleanliness

Consumer safety is more important than services these days. All the salons should be sanitized and completely clean. Beauty salons should maintain a high standard of hygiene. This will prevent the salons from cross contamination. The areas for treatments like chairs and tools should be sanitized between each of the clients. Cover the seats with new sheets at the place.

Salon booking apps such as Zoylee offer completely safe and sanitized salon options. You can find the clean salon in your locality with this app and book the appointment according to available time.


  • Sustainability

Sustainability is highly beneficial for beauty salons. Sustainable salons not only make a contribution to society but also give back to society. You need to be expressive about sustainability and how you are adopting this in your beauty salon life.

Don’t waste water, use as little as possible. In your salon, plant the indoor trees to keep the natural presence. Save electricity, use LED lights and 5 star appliances to save energy. Don’t throw away waste products and recycle them to save the environment. Big salons need more power and energy for lightening and all, use sensors to save the power.


  • Collaboration with salon booking app

All the marketers in the beauty salon industry should collaborate with each other. This helps them to grow with each other. Collaboration leads to strength to deal with difficult situations in the beauty industry. Cohesiveness will be improved with the collaboration of manufactures, dealers, distributors, salon owners and staff.

One of these kinds of collaboration is between salon owners and online salon booking apps. They help the salon to get listed in the app so when customers search for a salon near me, they will find your salon and book the appointment to visit at slot time. Salon owners will find a separate page on the Zoylee app for collaboration to get the customers more aware about you and your services.


What salons are facing now?

Due to the shutdown, a majority of staff are unemployed. Stores are closed and those who make a living through touching the people are losing their jobs. Beauty and salon industry is running in loss with no options for earning. It’s a highly difficult time for employees to make a living. Salon owners can provide them assurance to get back when everything becomes normal.


These days, the only way to maintain a presence and save jobs, you need to promote yourself online each and every day. This way when the salons open their business, people know about you and are eager to take the services.


Salon owners also suffer from loss and reduction in client’s interaction. Getting back to normal requires having a place in people’s mind and heart.


Bottom line

Covid-19 is the time of uncertainty and holds. The ability to stay grounded and touch with your people is the highest requirement these days. Your presence will help in change of behaviour and attitude, that’s the best defence now. Human transmission in Covid-19 can be changed by only through the promotion and presence.


Zoylee is your savior and companion to help in maintaining a true relationship with customers and salons. It’s your best friend for overcoming the fear of salon visits in Covid-19. Just book the online salon appointment and visit the selected salon at scheduled time. You can also compare the prices and ratings of salons to select the desired one.


Online salon booking is becoming popular among users and salon owners to ease the life in the pandemic. Sounds interesting!


Want to get a haircut? Book your appointment now with Zoylee online salon booking app with the touch of your finger.


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