How do PET Scans work?

Well, Positron Emission Tomography is an imaging test that aids in checking out several diseases in the body. An individual needs to note that this is a scanning device used for examining the tissues. Here, a person may check out the working of PET Scans for knowing their efficiency. Besides that, an oncologist can use the tracers of a PET Scan for checking organs and tissues carefully. However, an individual must also know the pet scan cost in Mumbai for having an estimate of its expense.  

Here, a reader can go through this article to know more about the PET Scan work step-by-step. Even, an individual may come across several other diagnostic tests for checking out cancer. 

How can a PET scan work step-wise?

An individual needs to understand that PET Scan contains a special dye that has radioactive material in it. Here, a doctor inserts a small amount of radioactive glucose into the vein. Following that, one’s scanner rotates around the body for getting pictures.

Here, an individual’s malignant tumors can be brightly seen with the help of a PET Scan. Moving on, a person must note that defective cells use more glucose as compared to normal ones. 

What is the main use of PET scans?

The cancer specialist may rely upon working PET Scans for identifying a variety of conditions including cancer, heart problems, and brain disorders. A doctor may measure blood flow, and oxygen use and examine the body’s use of sugar through PET Scan. 

In addition to that, an individual needs to remain aware that PET Scan is an outpatient procedure. Following that, a person may go back to their home after the test is finished. 

How can a PET Scan detect cancer?

A doctor may use PET Scan for administering the mildly radioactive drug for showing up areas having abnormal cells. Mostly, an individual’s suspected area having more infected cells than normal gets traced. 

Besides that, a cancer specialist may check out the spread of cancer cells through this procedure. Eventually, doctors can combine several other diagnostic tests with PET Scan for ruling out cancer. 

What is the purpose of performing a PET Scan?

One’s doctor may want to inspect the blood flow as well as the metabolism of organs through a PET Scan. An individual’s problems associated with the cellular levels can be checked with this procedure. Various life-threatening diseases can be traced with this diagnostic test.

So, one’s purpose for PET Scan may include:

  • Brain Disorders

An individual needs to know that glucose is the crucial fuel for the brain. Following that, a doctor uses tracers in the brain after detecting radioactive glucose in that organ. Eventually, one’s PET Scans can show areas of the brain that uses glucose at higher rates. Later on, a doctor can check out any sort of irregularities in the brain with this diagnostic test.

  • Cancer

One must believe that cancer cells consist of higher metabolic rates as compared to non-cancerous cells. Here, cancer’s high level of chemical activity results in forming bright spots on PET Scans. Besides that, an oncologist may check out the spread of cancer cells with this.  But, doctors may not succeed in viewing solid tumors by going through a PET Scan. 

  • Heart Problems

A doctor may recommend having PET Scan for revealing areas of decreased blood flow in the heart. Here, an individual should note that a healthy heart takes more of the tracer. But, one’s unhealthy tissues of the heart do the exact opposite. Besides that, a person’s different colors, as well as the degree of brightness, may reflect tissue function. Later on, a doctor may proceed with his treatment accordingly. 

Does PET Scan have any disadvantages?

Doctors need to note that a working PET Scan isn’t away from certain disadvantages. Moving on, an individual is given a combination of radioactive material with glucose. Following that, a diabetic patient needs to get concerned about its usage. Besides that, a person may have redness or pain in the area where the tracer is injected. 

Furthermore, one can have a tough time fitting into the PET Scan machine by being overweight. Many times, an individual can fall victim to claustrophobia after being in enclosed spaces. Moreover, people may end up having an allergic reaction to the tracer at times. 

What are the other diagnostic tests available for cancer?

People can go for multiple diagnostic tests to look into cancer cells appropriately. Herein, doctors can use a blood test for cancer diagnosis but they aren’t complete in themselves. So, one should take the recommendation of a cancer specialist for this purpose.

Various other diagnostic tests available for cancer may include:

  • Biopsy

A cancer specialist tends to remove cells from the suspected area for detecting cancer. Here, an expert examines these cells with the help of a microscope. Later on, oncologists may carry out testing until healthy cells are found. 

  • MRI Scan

One needs to note that MRI scans can create pictures of soft tissue parts of the body. Besides that, an individual should understand that MRI Scan can pinpoint a certain type of cancer. Here, a person may use MRI with contrast dye for seeing spinal cord tumors. Doctors can tell if a tumor is cancerous or not by using an MRI Scan. 

  • X-ray

One needs to know that X-ray uses certain doses of radiation for taking pictures of the inside of the body. Here, an oncologist can look into the bones carefully with the help of an X-ray. Furthermore, an individual may also note down certain changes caused by cancer with this. 

  • CT Scan

A cancer specialist may get a cross-sectional image of the body with the help of a CT Scan. An individual may view the tumor’s shape as well as size with the help of a CT Scan. Moreover, one’s blood vessels feeding the tumor can also be seen with the help of a CT scan.

Thus, an individual may go through numerous diagnostic tests for confirming cancer’s occurrence. Here, a person can check out the working of PET Scans for tracing cancer. Additionally, cancer specialists may plan for adequate treatment means in this manner.

What are the treatment options available for cancer?

People can have multiple treatment options for treating cancerous cells. A person should know that treatment depends upon the cancer’s stage, location, and size. 

So, one’s treatment options for cancer may include:

  • Chemotherapy
  • Surgery
  • Immunotherapy
  • Palliative Care
  • Radiation Therapy
  • End-of-life care
  • Bone marrow transplant
  • Hormone Therapy
  • Targeted Therapy


People need to know that PET Scans work systematically for detecting cancer cells. Herein, a doctor uses this test for ruling out several diseases affecting the human body. Following that, an individual may have a slight disadvantage in using PET Scan. Ultimately, a doctor may recommend various other diagnostic tests for checking cancer. So, an individual should have an idea about pet scan costs in Mumbai for their treatment. 

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