How do you stop a migraine?

A migraine is more than just a headache. It is one of the most complicated neurological issues that can happen to anyone. It becomes the most difficult time to stop the symptoms of migraine especially when you have a painful condition. However, prevention and early action are the keys to keeping yourself away from migraine. These prevention tips can help you keep yourself in control and manage the symptoms. If you or anyone you know is going through an adverse migraine and its symptoms, you can consider talking to the neurosurgery expert Dr. Deepak Agarwal.

  • Apply a cold compress

It is one of the best controlling therapies that can help you to control the headache. This therapy can help you with your migraine, at least for some time. Cold therapy is one of the unique procedures being in use since ancient times. It is scientifically proven that this therapy can help you stay better with normal life and constrict the blood vessels or slow down the nerve signals. Instead, you can also try to put an ice band around your neck and an ice pack applied at the onset of the migraine. You may require to experiment with things to decide which therapy suits you best. An ice pack can help you with numbing and soothing relief, giving you relief from pain. This can particularly help you with the relief of migraine.

  • Find a dark place to relax

Migraine often develops sensitivity to light and sound even though you are not having the proper onset of the migraine. Try to control your body and get away from the light and area that is full of sound. This can help you alleviate your stress and get rid of migraine. Get a dark room, lie down on the floor and try controlling your breathing and count your breathing. Take deep breaths, try to relax your body, and make your stomach feel the inhale and exhale of breathing. This can help you to relax and get some personal time while controlling the migraine symptoms.

  • Hydrate yourself

The reason behind a headache is dehydration; it can affect your body and can chew you from the inside. You can reduce the symptoms of migraine and try keeping yourself hydrated. According to researchers, water can significantly help you tackle your headache. It can help you bring the symptoms like:

  • less frequent
  • less severe
  • shorter in duration

Also, if you don’t drink regular water, try changing your lifestyle. Add the frequent use of water and help yourself with the intake of more minerals and vitamins with the help of water.

  • Try caffeine

Among many over-the-counter medications, caffeine is the one that you must try when you have a migraine attack. Losing the sensitivity becomes common during a migraine attack that makes you lose control over your body. You can drink a cup of coffee and try to make sure that you do not drink much of it. You can try having coffee at least three days per week and develop your dependency on the use of coffee for migraine.

  • Address teeth grinding or excessive chewing

The most important thing while having a migraine attack is to keep yourself under control. It is one of the keys to fighting the symptoms of migraine. It is found that gum-chewing is the one activity that is linked with tension and migraines. Migraine is said to be more common in people who chew gum more frequently. While you can’t control your eating and immediate hunger, you can control your gum-chewing activities. You can also consider clenching your teeth while sleeping, which works in a similar effect.

  • Get a massage

A massage can help you relax and can make you feel better while practicing. If you are unable to control how you feel during migraine, you can try controlling the symptoms like sensitivity to light and sound by having a relaxing massage. Migraine and its symptoms are cut in half with just a massage treatment. A massage can help you play a role and can trigger your pinpoints to relax. It is advisable to massage your feet, hands, and earlobes while you are experiencing a migraine.

  • Try eating a raw ginger

Some foods can help you fight the effects of migraines and others completely help you get rid of them. Ginger is one of those foods that can help you relieve migraine within two hours. It can help you get relief from nausea, and vomiting and can fight other symptoms associated with migraine. You can use ginger powder and other forms of ginger like candies or tea bags dipped in water.

Conclusion –

The pain that comes with migraine is deliberating and intense. You can work in collaboration with your doctor while deciding on the things which trigger your migraine headache. Also, you should ask for treatment and consult medical help if you are experiencing the symptoms like vomiting, blurred vision, loss of balance, lightheadedness, high blood pressure, and seizure or convulsions.


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