How Long Does It Take to Settle a Car Accident Claim in Alberta?

How Long Does It Take to Settle a Car Accident Claim in Alberta?

Being engaged in a car accident claim might take a long time to resolve. The compensation schedule begins when you approach a car accident personal injury lawyer and file a claim as per the accident claim act.

However, people often ask how long it takes to settle a car accident claim in Alberta. The answer is varies depending on the circumstances, but it usually takes anything from some months to many years.

A Typical Timeline for a Car Accident Injury Settlement

The car accident compensation timetable is determining by numerous factors. Including the sort of injuries incurred and how long it will take for full recovery or return to normalcy.

Returning to normalcy is difficult in many situations. However, if your injuries are minimal and you fully recover, the payment might occur 6 to 9 months after you file your case.

A car accident injury lawyer will generally request your medical records from any physicians or physiotherapists you’ve visited at this stage. This procedure will also entail the collection of all of your diagnostic medical scans and expert reports.

The time it takes to get this data might range between 3 and 4 months.

Why Is My Car Accident Settlement Taking So Long?

If you return to a normal state fast, finalizing the compensation number for a vehicle accident can take approximately a half year. Unfortunately, because numerous elements are involved, the process typically takes longer in most situations, especially when you only heal to a level of MMI.

Ordering and getting medical documents, attending therapies, and assessing your recovery progress might all take a long time. These are all important considerations that will consider in your ultimate settlement.

How Long It Takes to Get Your Settlement, and it Can Vary

Suppose both you and the insurance carrier can reach an amicable settlement. Then the process of receiving your payment usually takes four to six weeks.

You will ask to sign a clearance form by the insurance company. This formally resolves the claim and waives your ability to sue the driver or any other party who caused your injury.

When you deliver the clearance, and the insurance company gets it.  They will pay the agreed-upon sum. This is generally delivered to your automobile accident lawyer in the form of payment. After legal costs subtract, you will get a payment from your lawyer for the remaining balance.

Why Delays Occur When Settling Car Accident Claims?

The limitation on lawsuits related to personal injury is one of the most significant variables that slows down a car accident claim or settlement timetable. Insurance companies may find it difficult to negotiate a settlement for a car accident that exceeds a certain sum. Unless there is adequate documentation to support it

When the paperwork is insufficient, insurance companies might use the Questioning procedure, in which the insurance company’s lawyer can ask you questions regarding your treatment and injuries. Your personal injury lawyer will be present at this sort of session. This procedure might take up to three to four years to begin.

Determining Settlements for Your Injuries from the Car Accident

If you suffer significant injuries and are still undergoing treatment, it may take weeks or even months to calculate your medical damages properly.

Your doctor may need some time to assess how long your healing will take or how comprehensive your therapy will be. Your lawyer will require this information to account for all of your injuries in your lawsuit.

If you have been injured in a vehicle accident, the amount of compensation you can get will be determined by various criteria. These may include remuneration for:

  • Costs of future therapy
  • Expenses incurred out of pocket
  • Wage loss in the past and the future
  • Damages in general
  • Housekeeping capacity is lost, and the consortium suffers as a result
  • And many other factors

Factors Influencing Your Settlement Timeline

Other factors that might affect how quickly your automobile accident claim will resolve to include:

  • Problems identifying and establishing responsibility
  • Complications that can affect when your lawsuits Settle
  • The number and quality of your proof of damages
  • The speed with which your insurance provider replies to your claim
  • The amount of time spent negotiating a settlement
  • In the case or not you retain the services of an expert automobile accident lawyer

Complications that Can Affect When Your Case Settles

If certain variables exist that may complicate proceedings, the time it takes to settle your case may extend. Some of these elements may include:

  • A more serious personal injury with an unclear treatment or healing
  • Several parties were at fault, including a truck driver and the firm for which he works
  • The untimely loss of a loved one
  • There is little to no proof of guilt

Final Word

It depends on situations that how much it takes time for settlement in a car accident. So you have to take patience.

As a result, be cautious whether driving or walking along the street. Also, don’t look at it as a method to get money since corruption will only gain you suffering and penalty.

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