How Much Does Islamic School Cost?

Many parents dream of enrolling their child in a reputed Islamic School in Dhaka. But with the increasing expenses in the education field, it’s natural to worry about the total cost.

No worries, this article will help you develop a general idea of how much does Islamic School cost. So you can get an estimation of the cost and make a decision based on that.

But before heading directly to the cost, let’s have a clear concept about the International Islamic School.

What Is An International Islamic School?

The theory of International Islamic School is quite new compared to other Islamic Schools (like madrasa) in Bangladesh. However, they are gaining popularity relatively with time due to their dual academic curriculum.

Meaning, this kind of education system combines both Islamic teachings with a worldwide accepted academic syllabus. So along with getting the proper knowledge of Islam, your child will not be lagging with the trend.

Instead, they will have an overall idea in all the sectors that will help them build a successful career in the future. As a result, more and more people are getting driven to it due to their huge initiative.

Some of the most recognized and famous international schools creating history are Guidance International School, International Islamic School and College, Samawaat Islamic School, Averroes International School, British Islamic Elementary School, etc.

Guidance International School is a new one compared to the other international school in Dhaka. Yet, they have made a strong stand in the educational sector within this short time due to their remarkable performance and reasonable price.

How Much Does Islamic School Cost?

When a child starts growing up, the biggest concern of every parent is picking the right one for their precious child. After all, school is one of the most influential parts of their lives that will play the leading role in teaching and guiding them to become good humans.

The lessons learned at this tender age are the biggest lessons a child learns and aims to follow for the rest of our lives. That’s why before taking the final call, we should have an idea of the overall costings. So we can plan things accordingly.

Hence, to help you with the costings, we have come with a list of the renowned Islamic schools that they usually charge for admitting a student.

These estimations may slightly vary as these costs are dynamic, and authority reserves the full right to change at any time depending on their requirement. Moreover, every school’s rules and regulations vary, so the costs also differ from one institute to another based on their policy.

Let’s have a look at the below costs of the top 4 Islamic Schools in Dhaka:

Guidance International School

Guidance International School promises to offer excellent quality of British education with Islamic teachings. Apart from giving all the moral teachings and academic knowledge, GIS comes with various extracurricular and co-curricular activities with every student’s participation.

As a result, every student gets to learn and develop their skill level. So they know the exact ways to deal with every type of situation of life.

  • Admission Fee: 120,000-160,000 BDT (one time)
  • Academic Tuition Fee: 15,000-30,000 BDT per month
  • School Supplies: 10,000-19,000 BDT annually
  • Extracurricular Fee: 35,000-40,000 annually

Averroes International School

Averroes International school is one of the renowned non-profit private schools that provides a peaceful and playful environment to its students.

They teach students moral values, discipline, and different skills with extreme care and commitment from the starting phase of their lives.

  • Admission Charges: 100,000-150,000 BDT
  • Academic Tuition Fee: 7,800-13,500 BDT per month

International School And College

International Schools and Colleges are among the reputed school’s list in offering Islamic teachings with other vital subjects. Here, they give moral lessons along with other various skills to the students.

So their students can face every challenge of life and still excel in every condition with confidence.

  • Session Fee: 15,000 BDT
  • Academic Tuition Fee: 3,000-4,000 BDT per month
  • Exam Fee (Half Term & Annual): 2,000 BDT

Samaawaat Islamic School

Samamwaat Islamic School’s main aim is to train up a child in all the other sectors by keeping Islam teachings at the core of all. Besides the English medium curriculum, they also have an option for Hifz-ul Quran.

  • Admission Charges: 55,000-65,000 BDT
  • Academic Tuition Fee: 5,500-6,500 BDT per month
  • Exam Fee (Half Term & Annual): 2,000-2,500 BDT
  • Books And Stationeries Charges: 2,500-4,500 BDT

Now that you have got an idea about the expenses, the million-dollar question now is which school would be an ideal option to pick for your child. Let’s find out:

Which School Should Be A Better Pick For Your Child?

Guidance International School (GIS) would be the perfect decision for your precious child. It offers top-notch rated educational quality to develop your child into the person you want them to be.

They have combined Islamic teachings along with the Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) programs based. Meaning, along with getting all the Islamic teachings, your child will get to learn 13 more subjects, such as English, Bengali, Science, Accounting, etc.

As a result, they will get prepared for their higher studies in their school life. GIS promises to expertise the students in the Hifz Quran by the end of their educations in school.

Moreover, they teach the students to speak fluently in 3 different languages: Bangla, English and Arabic. Here, the main target is to help the students lead a good and righteous life in the light of Islam.

Although the cost may seem a bit more, yet it will be worth the value. And there will be no regrets as they assure developing your child into a good and virtuous person. They have highly experienced and competent faculties to guide your child through any challenging situation.

Hence, if you are looking for a school that will give your child the right direction along with focusing on both religion and other vital teachings, GIS is the perfect institute to go for.

To Wrap Up

Getting your child admission to an international Islamic school is certainly one of the best choices parents can make for their children.

You can rest assured that your child will be made ready to handle all hectic situations along with shining in this life and afterlife. Guidance International School is one of the few schools that will work hard to ensure your child’s complete interests.

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