How Prostate Cancer Occurs?

How Prostate Cancer Occurs?

Well, males can become the worst sufferer of prostate cancer at some point in their life. An individual prostate cancer symptom begins with changes in cells in the DNA. Besides that, a doctor can blame severe other causes for its occurrence. Here, a person needs to take note of those signs for the early detection of prostate cancer. After all, an individual can consult an oncologist in Hyderabad regarding this. 

So, one should go through this article to know about the factors responsible for prostate cancer’s occurrence. Eventually, a reader can come across crucial signs to detect the same. 

What are the main causes of Prostate Cancer?

Truly, one cannot easily determine the actual cause of prostate cancer anyway. Many times, an individual can attribute various factors to causing prostate cancer. 

So, one’s main causes of prostate cancer may include the following:

  • Smoking Constantly

People need to note that regular smokers have a fatal risk of ending up with prostate cancer. A person must know that about 24% to 30% of deaths are caused due to smoking. So, a male should understand that smoking cigarette can enlarge the prostate considerably. Here, a non-smoker has decreased risk of prostate cancer as compared to regular smokers.

  • Drinking Alcohol

One can notice prostate cancer symptoms by drinking a low level of alcohol as well. In general, a doctor may not find any relation between prostate cancer with alcohol. Still, people should note that quitting alcohol intake can be beneficial for the overall body. 

  • Family History

Most commonly, people should know that prostate cancer runs in the family. One’s inherited genes may develop into prostate cancer in the long run. But, men without having any family history may also develop this disease. So, an individual’s brother or father who had prostate cancer needs to remain cautious of this disease. 

  • Unhealthy Foods

A person’s consumption of foods containing excess fat may end up in prostate cancer. In general, an individual having red meats can trigger its occurrence as well. Besides that, one having high-fat-dairy products can also raise his chances of having prostate cancer. 

  • Exposure to Radiation

Undoubtedly, workers getting exposed to a high dose of radiation may have an increased chance of getting prostate cancer. Moreover, a person undergoing radiation therapy can also have this condition. 

  • Age

Generally, people must note that prostate cancer rarely occurs in men attaining 40 years or more. An individual having 50 years or so is more likely to suffer from this disease. 

Therefore, one can have numerous causes of having prostate cancer. Here, an individual should know about each of these factors that can trigger its occurrence.

What are the top symptoms of prostate cancer?

Initially, a person may not have any symptoms that can indicate the occurrence of prostate cancer. But, an individual can reflect certain signs as the cancer cells grow. Here, one can go for screening to detect the change in cancer cells. 

So, one’s top symptoms of prostate cancer may include the following:

  • Difficulty in Urination
  • Having a frequent urge to urinate
  • Blood in the urine
  • Pain in the hips
  • A weak urine stream
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Bone pain
  • Tiredness

How can you diagnose Prostate Cancer?

People need to know that various diagnostic tests can determine prostate cancer. A doctor may recommend certain diagnostic tests depending upon your health. 

So, one may diagnose prostate cancer in the following ways:

  • Biopsy

Undoubtedly, one may consider biopsy as an effective means to diagnose prostate cancer. Here, an individual’s small piece of tissue is removed from the prostate. Following that, an expert examines the same under a microscope to check for cancer cells. Furthermore, a doctor may go for a core needle biopsy for determining cancerous cells in the prostate. 

  • MRI Scan

Usually, a doctor recommends having an MRI scan to determine the extent of the tumor. In general, one can find whether cancerous cells have spread outside the prostate or not. Besides that, an individual needs to know that magnetic waves are used here. Furthermore, one’s prostate cancer symptoms can be easily traced with MRI Scan. 

  • Ultrasound

People can go for an ultrasound for confirming cases of prostate cancer. Still, one needs to know that it is 40 to 50% accurate in tracing cancer cells in the prostate. 

  • Blood Test

Many times, men can go for a PSA blood test without having any symptoms of prostate cancer. In general, a doctor may recommend this test in the very first place. However, one needs to know that this may not be relevant to tracing every kind of prostate cancer.

Therefore, people may go for any of the above imaging tests to confirm prostate cancer. Following that, one can have their own choice regarding these imaging tests. 

How can you treat Prostate Cancer?

An oncologist may treat the prostate cancer symptoms by using certain specific means. Here, one’s diagnostic tests may aid a lot in deciding the appropriate treatment procedure.

So, one can treat prostate cancer in the following ways:

  • Chemotherapy

An individual’s cancerous cell is quickly attacked by the drugs of chemotherapy. Here, one’s drugs travel all through the body for reaching cancer cells. Following that, a person can help in shrinking the cancer cells with this method. 

  • Radiation Therapy

Here, a doctor may initiate high-energy radiation beams for killing cancer cells. An individual can have these radiations in multiple ways as per the situation. Following that, one’s prostate cancer that didn’t spread outside the prostate can be treated with it. However, people can slow down cancer progression by using its means. Surgery

An Onco-surgeon may choose a surgical procedure when prostate cancer is in its initial stage. A person’s prostate gland is removed along with some lymph nodes. Following that, one’s cancer cells being confined to the prostate gland can be treated with it. Besides that, a doctor used a combination of other treatments along with surgical intervention. 

  • Immunotherapy

Necessarily, one’s immune system in the body is made capable enough for fighting cancer cells. In doing so, a person’s body may recognize cancer cells by themselves for their destruction. 


People need to know about the reasons for prostate cancer’s occurrence. An individual must know each cause of having this disease. Here, one must remain familiar with the symptoms of prostate cancer. Moving on, a person needs to have an understanding of the necessary diagnostic tests for prostate cancer. Following that, one needs to know about the treatment options available for it. So, a person may contact an oncologist in Hyderabad for this cause. 

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