How Realistic Do Hair Extensions Look

How Realistic Do Hair Extensions Look

Everyone likes to keep their hair thick and beautiful. There is no doubt hair is an asset that we all should nourish and take care of. If you are one of those people who don’t have naturally thick and beautiful hair you can use hair extensions that look perfect. You just need to place them and comb them along with your real hair. Hair extensions that are made up of human hair look very real. Many top celebrities are making use of hair extensions in their daily life. If you want to transform your look naturally using hair extensions will be a good solution to your thin hair.

Most of the time people wonder if the extensions will look fake which makes them feel uncomfortable. There are no surprises that hair extensions have become a luxurious choice for many so the packaging for hair extensions has to be chosen wisely. It should be alluring but sturdy enough to keep the product in the best condition. The synthetic hair extensions may look unreal so you have to be careful while choosing the best options. If you are not sure what to choose we have listed some of the top options for everyone. Let’s take a look.

Use hair extensions made of human hair

Hair extensions are usually made up of human, synthetic hair, or a mix of both. Many people have experienced that synthetic hair wigs seem fake as they cannot blend with natural hair. Most importantly you cannot use any styling tool on them as there is a risk that it will deteriorate the quality of your real hair. When it comes to human hair extensions they can combine well with your real hair making them thick and easy to style. You will get a natural look that will be hard to beat.

Find the perfect hair extension for your hair

There are different kinds of hair extensions that are available in the market. It is wise to choose the best hair extension according to your hair type. Clip-in extensions are a good choice if you want to have some firmness and thickness in your hair. You can easily remove or attach them without getting into any issues. It can be attached with the real hair and you don’t have to waste time and go to the salon. If you are looking for a durable and long-lasting solution tape in extensions seems to be a better solution.

Choosing the right color of hair extension

Hair extensions will look natural especially when they can blend well with your real hair. If you have already colored your hair looking for a hair extension that is two shades brighter will offer the best solution. In case your hair color featured dark red ash copper you must blend them with the real colored hair in a good way. The hair extensions can be fully customized according to your requirements so make sure you choose the right color. The stylist can make the hair extension according to the length, color, and texture of your hair.

Choose the right length of the hair extension

Most people go wrong when they are choosing the length of the human hair extensions.  If you don’t choose the right length of the hair extension then your hair will look unreal and fake. Most women choose the wrong length and this is why their hair extension appears to be fake and unreal. If you have shoulder length hair and want to try a hair style and look with longer hair then you can buy a hair extension that brings volume to your natural hair. If you want to add long length to your hair then choosing a hair extension that is about 3 to 4 inches longer than your original hair is the right choice. If you choose a hair extension with a longer length, then your hair will start to look fake and unreal.

Whatever length your hair has you can add length and volume to your hair and also make your hair look real. You just have to use a hair extension of a suitable length and it will make your hair look appealing and real.  If you wear a hair extension that is 3 to 4 inches longer than your hair then your hair will look fuller and longer. If your hair looks drastically thick or extremely long then they will start to give a fake look. Another important thing to consider is the type of hair cut you have right now. If your hair is one length or is cut in layers then you need to add a little more hair to get your desired length. This will enhance the look of your hair and will also make them look natural and real.  However, if your hair is cut in layers, you must get hair extensions of 2 different lengths. This will help to blend your hair well and will also match well with your haircut.

Choose the Right Stylist/ Salon

When you are planning to invest in buying a hair extension it is important to choose the right stylist to do the job. The hair extensions are complicated to fix and if the stylish is not professional he might not be able to fix it properly. Even if you have spent a lot of money into buying an expensive hair extension if it is not fixed properly it might not look good. It is extremely important to make sure that you visit a good hair extensions salon so that they can help you to fix your hair extension appropriately. You should also choose a hair stylist who has a good knowledge about hair extensions. He should also know about the application techniques to apply the hair extensions properly.  Some extensions such as clip on extensions are easy to fix and you can also fix them easily by yourself at home. The hair extension application details are present on the hair extension boxes for hair extensions but getting the assistance of a stylist is a better idea.  It is still advisable to get the extensions fixed by a professional hair stylist as the stylists are skilled enough to cut color and blend the extensions and match them with your own hair.

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