How To Add Warmth In A Custom Made Gown For A Winter Wedding?

How To Add Warmth In A Custom Made Gown For A Winter Wedding?

Winter is the best season for weddings. No sweat, no irritation, and makeup on point. Even huge gatherings don’t create problems; instead, people love staying closer to keep warm. The only thing that becomes a big headache is the wedding gown.

As a bride, you would never love wearing multiple layers of clothes to keep yourself warm because it will spoil your gown look. Your beautiful gown will not be visible and the charms of the bride will get lost. The saddest part is you will look fat in your wedding photographs because of multiple clothes.

Due to this, brides often prefer shivering in the cold. They just wear the gown and complete the wedding rituals. It’s because they don’t wish to spoil their wedding day. But, you don’t have to do this.

We aren’t sure about designer gowns but you can protect yourself from your winter extremities in custom-made gowns by following simple steps. It means you can flaunt your gown look at your wedding without multiple layers of the clothes.

The tips are:

Faux Fur– You should integrate faux fur in the custom-made gown design itself. Based on your requirements, fix the fur on the gown properly. If you wear an external furry piece, it might not match your gown. Integration in the gown itself will look better.

Feathery fabrics– Feathery fabrics always look good on the bridal. Some brides integrate feathery fabric even in summer weddings. You can use feathery fabrics in the lower part of your A-line dress or near the shoulders. The fabric will give volume as well as warmth. You won’t need to wear a jacket.

Wool– What can be better than wool in winter clothes. Its characteristic is to give warmth even in extreme conditions. You can use wool as the main fabric in your custom-made gown. It means your entire gown should be made up of wool. It will be soft and warm.

Hooded cape– It’s something beyond imagination for the brides. A hooded cape in place of a veil might not work for many brides. But, you should give it a try. Furry endings/tips help you enjoy your dress indoors as well as outdoors and you will get beautiful photographs.

Heavy fabrics– Heaviness in winter clothes always work. You feel warm because your clothes become strong to fight harsh weather conditions. You can do the same in your custom-made gown. You should get long capes with heavy fabrics because it gives warmth and an absolutely chic look.

Heavily embroidered fabrics– If you aren’t getting heavy fabrics, you should go heavily embroidered fabrics. The impact of both will be very similar. You will feel the warmth. Many brides pick heavily embroidered fabrics in summer weddings but are unable to survive the heat. So, it’s good to use the same fabric in winter. You will get the perfect bridal look with warmth.

With these simple tips, your route to becoming a beautiful winter bride will get easier.

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