How to Allow and Block Pop-ups in Microsoft Edge Browser

How to Allow and Block Pop-ups in Microsoft Edge Browser

Microsoft Edge Popups are windows that appear on your screen automatically and without your authorization when you are on a specific web page. Edge lets you manage pop-ups. It is possible to block pop-ups because some websites, such as banks, use pop-ups to help access important features.

Therefore, the best option is to allow some sites to display pop-ups and block pop-ups for all other sites. Let’s explore the possibility to block pop-ups, thereby blocking them in Microsoft Edge. Let’s start by checking the steps to follow to block pop-ups and allow them on Microsoft Edge?

Steps to Block and Allow Pop-ups from Microsoft Edge:

Allow Microsoft Edge Popups

Step 1: Launch Microsoft Edge on your screen and then click on the Open menu button at the top right corner of the browser’s window. In the menu that opens, click the Options button.

Step 2: The New Options tab will open in the same window showing the General panel by default. Select the Contents panel in the menu at the bottom left of the window.

Step 3: In the Content panel, under the Pop-ups section, remove the checkmark. Block pop-up windows to allow pop-ups.

Block Microsoft Edge Popups

To stop the Microsoft Edge Virus Alert Popup. Follow steps 1 and 2 in the order shown in the previous paragraph. After step 2, go to step 4 and proceed.

Step 4: It is disabled pop-ups; mark the box that says Block pop-up windows found under the Pop-ups category in the panel for Content. Which will activate the exception button?

Step 5: It is to click on the Exceptions button in the pop-up section.

Step 6: Allow sites popup window will be opened. In this window, you can select the specific websites for which you want to allow pop-ups while blocking pop-ups for other websites.

  • In the Website address box, select the website you want to allow the pop-up for, and then click Allow.
  • Below you can find a list of websites that allow pop-ups. You can remove the pop-up from this list by clicking the remote site option or by clicking the Remove all sites button.
  • You can save all the changes you have made by clicking on the Save Changes button.
  • Close your Options tab and save the modifications you made on the Content tab.

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