How to Become a PPC Expert

How to Become a PPC Expert

Pay Per Click (PPC) is a popular digital marketing technique. It helps leverage website presence instantly. SEO takes time and develops steadily. But, if a company wants to boost revenue within a short period, PPC is influential.

PPC expertise demand is rising in the online market. Many new businesses keep on shifting their business from online to offline mode. They require PPC specialists. Other than that, static companies also hire PPC consultants to boost traffic on their websites. 

The simple steps to acquire skills in PPC marketing:

There is no shortage of learning resources like courses, videos, and written material in today’s time. But, you need to put in your efforts and dedicate time. Consistent efforts bear sweet results. It will fasten your learning process. 

Indeed, you require proper training and practice. With this, you can test what your present status is? Without any further, we will enlist easy to follow steps for being a PPC expert:

Knowing the basics

The learning process begins by making the foundation strong. For that, let’s see, what is PPC? It is part of digital marketing that focuses on advertisements. Advertisers need to pay for every click a user makes on the website. 

The next question arises, what do PPC experts need to do? PPC experts are the ones who launch advertising campaigns on search engines. PPC experts can choose relevant search engines. 

PPC strategy

Create a concerning account on the desired search engine, say Google. After that, find out the keywords depending on the product, services, or business type.

Search Ads

Search ads appear above the search results whenever a user puts a specific query related to that product. 

  • Product images will appear with their brand names, pricing, product type, or other information like free delivery. “Ads” word is specially mentioned over there. 
  • Determine how to feature these products along with relevant images. 

Display advertising

The second type of ad appears along with websites. Search engines and social media use AI to display relevant advertisements to users.

AI tracks history and search behavior. If the ad matches the user’s interest, they are more likely to click on it. Otherwise, they’ll ignore it as a random advertisement.

Cross-check where you want to pitch. And what type of ad will bear maximum results. eCommerce websites have shopping ads. Social media use entirely different ads.

Develop Copywriting Skills

Copywriting is highly effective in writing ads for marketing and promotional purposes. Ad copy can fetch you many customers. It arouses their curiosity to the extent that they click on the ad. 

It has a short format with a compelling call to action. You must know how to use keywords effectively. Then, ads will go to target prospects. Higher the quality score of ad, Google will bid it at a lower cost. These are the parts:

  • Create an enticing headline for users to understand your ad clearly and develop engaging images to convey the ad message.
  • Design easy to use sign-up form.
  • Write copy for landing pages to tell what business offers for which client segment.

Add Ad certification to your profile.

Google has the highest number of searchers. And Google ad-certified professionals are the most reputed ones. Marketers prefer to hire Google-certified PPC consultants for their campaigns. 

There are different categories like Google search, display, shopping, video, apps, and others. You need to pass the exam, and it is valid for a year.

Other than that, you can choose Microsoft certification for being a Bing ad specialist. It provides courses like:

  • Keyword research
  • Microsoft Advertising budget options 
  • Building shopping campaigns

It requires an 80% score to pass.

Facebook provides blueprint certification for being:

  • Digital Marketing Associate: Valid for a year.
  • Ad Developer Certification: Valid for 18 months.

Develop stronghold on PPC tools

With PPC tools, you can monitor how your ads are showing up on search engines. If the cost per click is high, it means you need to re-strategize and optimize the PPC campaign.

PPC professionals use many PPC tools for launching their ads like:

  • Google ads editor
  • SEMrush
  • Microsoft advertising editor tool
  • Wordstream advisor
  • AdEspresso

Time limit is crucial in PPC. So, you can analyze how to create innovative ads. And keep a check on the latest trends in the PPC market. Last but not least, regular practice is a must to have your say in the market. 


Let’s wind up; PPC expertise can raise your position in the online market. Few basic things are:

  1. Create a marvelous piece of the ad to grab instant client’s attention.
  2. Launch the ad and keep a regular track of the performance.
  3. Check out PPC analytics and make out changes if required.

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