How to Choose the Perfect Rug for the Living Room

The first room that one considers when renovating a house is the living room. It is considered to be an essential room.

Since living rooms serve to be multi-purposeful, the decors and furnishing when selected accordingly will help tie the room together.

A living room incorporates a lot of items; hence it is necessary to arrange them optimally to bring out the balance.

Regardless of how you want to style a living room, placing an area rug will provide many benefits apart from upscaling the room’s look. Factors like size, color, and design pattern must blend in well with the furnishing of the living room.


When selecting a rug for a living room, measuring the area will help you set up the rug without cutting its edges or folding them from corners. You can also opt for customizing the rug according to the size, color, or design of your desired living space. Sizing options such as 2’X8′, 5’X5′, 5’X8′, 8’X10′, and 9’X12′ can be considered for the living room.


There are many materials with which the rug is made. Not all are suitable to be placed in the living room. Since the living room allows for high traffic, it is advisable to go for rugs that can sustain an enormous amount of traffic. Wool is a natural fiber that has a gentle feel. It is not only durable but adds to the look and feel of the room.


Experimenting with colors and patterns in a rug can help enhance the d├ęcor. Hence, it is crucial to select suitable patterns for the decors. A solid or multi-colored area rug would mix well into a living room with neutral hues.

  • Care: A living room with an area rug that can be maintained well should be of prime concern when you opt for rugs.
  • Budget-friendly: rugs come in an array of prices. Select rugs that suit your budget. You can opt for hand-knotted rugs and make a one-time investment, or you can also opt for inexpensive, cost-effective rugs.

On the hunt for choosing the perfect rug, you’ll be drawn to how there are numerous ways how you can style a rug.

We have listed down a few points on how you can style and transform your living room with an area rug. These styling tips will help you choose the perfect rug for your living room.

1. Lifestyle:

Consider the room’s function and how you want to add it up as per your lifestyle. You can then place a luxe rug or a contemporary rug. You can also opt for a vintage-style living room and add a transitional rug that will blend in well. Decide on the design and the rug’s materials that will allow for more traffic or less traffic.

2. Round rugs:

You can either select round rugs or rugs with abstract patterns for a compact living room. This will help your living room feel enlarged.

3. Layering:

Layering with rugs in a living room is a great alternative when you want to anchor your flooring. A small Dhurrie rug can be placed effectively on an enlarged rug, which will help define a space.

4. Design-play:

A bold-colored rug or bold designs will highlight the room. A neutral shade rug can balance the room if it is styled in a bawdy manner. You can often choose a heavily patterned rug or select a solid-colored rug. Either way, it is preferable to choose the rug’s pattern and design depending on the room’s accents.

5. Choose a few or one:

There are no limitations on how you decorate your living area. You can place an enormous rug or have a couple of rugs in a living room. You can choose wall-to-wall carpeting for a compact space and place just one rug. If you have a spacious living area, rugs can be placed under the seating area. If your spacious room has an attached hallway placing a runner will get an inviting look.

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