How to create a plagiarism-free essay?

Plagiarism is the dishonest act of stealing someone else’s work and claiming it as your own.

There are several different ways that people commit plagiarism. Some do it deliberately, and more often than not, students, in particular, commit this act of intellectual violation unintentionally. Without proper knowledge of citation and paraphrasing, plagiarism can be easily committed. When caught, this can seriously lead to severe consequences.

This blog will help you know several different ways to write a plagiarism-free essay. Remember them and learn from them to apply them in your future writing activities.

Whether you seek 100 free essays or essay writing help, you always have to ensure that it is free from plagiarism. To learn more, continue reading the blog.


How to create a plagiarism-free essay?




Learn to use paraphrasing


The standard answer to avoid plagiarism is to know how to paraphrase. A lot of students form a habit of copying a phrase or a statement from the original text. Regardless of how short it will be, it very well may be viewed as plagiarism.

You want to know how to use in-text citations as this is the most straightforward method for staying away from plagiarism. Copying word for word in the source is a big no-no and should be 100% avoided. Paraphrasing enables you to use and add different words while still keeping the original text’s context intact.



Quote source

Quoting sources mean replicating a statement from the work of others and crediting the original owner. It is vital to know that quoting a reference or passage should be enclosed in quotation marks or formatted as a blockquote.

Cite the source cautiously, keep note of the right spelling, and surprisingly the date or the year the study or the statement was published.



Use citation correctly


The lack of knowledge in the various ways of citations is one of the normal reasons for how students commit plagiarism. At the point when you enter college and pursue higher studies, studying will expect you to compose several academic papers, and it is a must to know how to cite appropriately.

There are various sorts of citations. The most widely citations we use are the MLA, APA, Chicago, and Harvard.

Research papers and the thesis will typically expect you to refer to your sources in the MLA or APA format.

Both have various styles in the form that you should know before you use them. Assuming you battle with proper citation, you can continuously have your papers requested from an essay writing service. These internet based platforms guarantee you a plagiarism-free essay and have unique and creative content.




Always use plagiarism checkers

Technology is simplifying our lives. Numerous things can be done instantly with the aid of technology, and that includes your writing process.

These days, the rise of writing editing software is on the rise because it is an all-in-one application. It can alter your work, give you great ideas to additionally work on your article, check your spelling, grammar, punctuation, and run your documents against billions of articles on the web for plagiarism check.

Rather than doing it manually, an application can do it for you. So, take advantage of the things technology can provide.

Using these applications will make sure that you haven’t committed plagiarism and ensure that your work is of high quality and can be done in a short time. You can check out the applications such as Grammarly App for your all-in-one editors and plagiarism checkers.




Regardless of whether you seek 100 free essays or essay writing help or surf the web with an edit my essay online request, keeping your writing plagiarism-free must come first. Turning to the experts, it’s guaranteed that you will have a healthy mixture of unique ideas that are supported by relevant resources and research on the topic.


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