How to cure piles without operation?

How to cure piles without operation?

Well, an individual straining during bowel movements may result in piles at a certain point in time. A person must be concerned about the ways to treat this condition rapidly. Herein, one may look out for treating piles without operation as per their convenience. Following that, an individual should realize that certain lifestyle changes can help in attaining this goal. But, a person has to go for early piles treatment to avoid surgery. Eventually, an individual may talk to a gastroenterologist in Pune regarding this. 

A reader may go through this article to know more about piles treatment without the use of the surgical intervention. Furthermore, an individual can come across the main cause of piles’ occurrence as well.

Can piles be treated without surgery?

Undoubtedly, an experienced gastroenterologist may think of treating piles without operation. Mostly, a doctor may stress major lifestyle changes for attaining this purpose. Besides that, a gastroenterologist may look into the stage before deciding alternative treatment options for piles.

Few treatment options for piles other than surgery may include the following:

Topical Treatments Many individuals may go for creams containing hydrocortisone for attaining piles. Besides that, people can make use of pads containing numbing agents to get relief from this painful condition.

  • Having Healthy Diet

Normally, people blame straining due to bowel movements for causing piles. In general, an individual may experience constipation due to excessive straining. Herein, a person needs to consume soft foods for allowing smooth bowel movements. Moreover, one’s doctor may advise one to drink more water for avoiding this condition. Additionally, one can go for a high-fiber diet for avoiding the cause of piles.

  • Managing the body weight

One may aid in decreasing the pressure of blood vessels 

in the anus by lowering a certain amount of weight. Ultimately, an individual can have less chance of developing piles by managing his weight. 

  • Eating Right Food

A person must also add lots of whole grains to their diet along with fruits and vegetables. Moving on, an individual’s bulk of stool may get increased with these kinds of foods. Besides that, people can avoid straining their blood vessels in the anus as well. 

  • Taking Pain Relievers

Generally, people may go for pain relievers to get rid of piles of discomfort for a temporary period. 

  • Having Warm baths

One may keep their anal area soaked in plain warm water for about 10 to 15 minutes or so. Simultaneously, a person may follow this twice a day for escaping piles’ pain. 

  • Medications

A gastroenterologist may prescribe over-the-counter medications if mild indications of piles are seen. Many times, one may take painkillers to get rid of the pain from piles. 

Therefore, people may find several ways of treating piles without operation easily. However, an individual may go for surgical intervention if the situation worsens too much. 

What are the crucial signs of piles?

Truly, a person’s symptoms of piles may depend upon the type of piles one is having. 

Certain crucial signs of piles may include the following:

  • Blood on the tissues after having a bowel movement
  • Skin sticking out of the anus during bowel movement
  • Pain around the anus
  • Itchy anus
  • Mucus in the underwear
  • Feeling as if you need to poo after going to the toilet
  • Infection

What are the main causes of piles?

Mostly, a person struggling with excess pressure in veins around the anus can end up in piles. 

A few causes of having piles may include the following:

  • Chronic diarrhea
  • Straining when passing a stool
  • Chronic Constipation
  • Lifting heavy weights

What are the best possible ways of diagnosing piles?

At times, a gastroenterologist may go for a visual examination to detect piles. Still, an individual needs to go through different examinations for determining piles’ abnormalities. 

Certain diagnostic tests for piles may include the following:

  • Digital Rectal Exam
  • Anoscopy
  • Colonoscopy

However, doctors may ask several questions to the patient regarding the piles’ situation. 

A few questions that are asked by the doctor may include the following:

  • Has bowel movement changed recently or not?
  • Whether any close relatives have piles or not?
  • Is there any sort of mucus in the stool or not?
  • What is the color of the stool?
  • Has there been recent weight loss or not?

What are the major complications from piles?

People may have fewer complications arising out of piles. Following that, an individual must be aware of all the negative impacts of this disease.

Certain complications from piles may include the following:

  • Iron deficiency anemia
  • Blood clots in the swollen veins
  • Infection of an external hemorrhoid
  • Bleeding
  • Excess skin when external hemorrhoid goes away

What are the main preventive measures for piles?

One needs to understand that there are various preventive measures for defeating piles. Moving on, a person has to realize that a range of lifestyle alterations can be responsible for this disease.

A few other preventive measures for piles may include the following:

  • Staying active

A person doing exercises regularly may allow food to pass through the digestive system easily. By doing so, an individual can help in passing stools with an immediate effect. Ultimately, one can effectively reduce the risk of piles.

  • Having a Balanced Diet

An individual needs to remain hydrated to get rid of piles in a definite manner. Following that, one has to consider foods rich in fiber for staying away from piles disease.

  • Avoid lifting heavy things

People have to understand the significance to avoid lifting heavy things while suffering from piles. Eventually, one has to follow adequate lifting techniques for preventing piles.


People have to know that treating piles without surgery won’t be anything irrelevant at all. In general, an individual must believe that there are multiple ways of treating piles without surgical intervention. Furthermore, a person must take note of piles’ symptoms for treating this condition. Besides that, an individual can go for several preventive measures for this disease. Ultimately, a person may consult a gastroenterologist in Pune for their treatment.

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