How To Develop A Highly Secure Video Conferencing App Like Zoom?

How To Develop A Highly Secure Video Conferencing App Like Zoom?

Video conferencing apps came into the limelight during the Covid-19 pandemic. It ended the movement of people from one place to another. This resulted in relying on video conferencing apps for communication. These apps connected people who wished to communicate on a real-time basis. Unlike other video chat apps,  conferencing apps like Zoom allow hundreds of people to participate in a call simultaneously. 

Businesses were largely benefited through these apps when there was a severe lockdown in their countries. They used this as a medium to interact with their employees, clients, and traders. Moreover, video conferencing tools became the much-needed platforms for educational centers, government officials, and tech enterprises to conduct their important virtual discussions and meetings.

If you are planning to set up a cloud-based video conferencing app like Zoom, here are some of the important security aspects to address in your app. This blog contains all the necessary information that will boost your spirit to develop your robust Zoom clone app.

What are the basic attributes to consider when developing a Zoom clone app?

Earlier, the video conferencing apps were aimed for organizations to conduct their efficient meetings and conferences virtually. In due course of time, these apps are largely used for educational purposes and even for connecting with people for personal chats. 

When you start with developing your app, there are several attributes to consider, which I have listed below,

  • Conduct proper market research 

While launching a business, it is paramount to study different market trends. By understanding the current conditions, , you will gather ideas about the interests and likes of users.  On the same page, you will understand the specialization of your competitors. This gives you a clear picture of how the market is performing currently. 

  • Figure out your business model 

The business model of an app decides the success of your organization. Discussing the cost structure and the revenue strategy of video conferencing apps, they are free for users to take part.. When the hosts want to gather many participants for their webinars or discussions, they can opt for premium. In premium, they can pay a specific subscription fee to the app and avail themselves of the additional services. 

This is one such example of generating revenue for your Zoom clone. Apart from this, you can also think of various other ways to monetize your app. 

Enticing ideas to secure your Zoom clone script 

The growing concern for security constantly creates a buzz among individuals. However, as an app owner, it is your prime responsibility to ensure foolproof security mechanisms for your users. To do so, you need to adopt certain security standards in your app. Have a quick look into the aspects to address in your Zoom clone for business app.

  • Ensure the app is updated frequently

You can secure your app by making it run on the latest version. This ensures whether the app is updated to the latest safety features and functionalities. It is better to integrate your messaging platform with a support section that can instruct the users on how to update the app to the latest version.

  • Secure the meetings with passwords 

When users create their meeting links, they can protect or secure them by setting passwords. This will be a tight lock for hackers who try to disrupt apps or meetings. No third parties could ever intrude into the communication platform because of highly secure passwords. Apart from this, you can also provide two-factor authentication (2FA) for additional protection.

  • Provide utmost control to the hosts

This is one of the unique functionalities adopted by several video conferencing apps. The host who creates the meeting link has utmost control over the activities of the app. Moreover, they will take over the right to permit the requests to join meetings. By doing so, they can restrict those unauthorized entries into the platform. 

While conducting the meetings also, they can also take the control to mute the participants and disable their screen sharing option. 

  • Do not allow all users to share the meeting IDs at common forums

Make sure that netizens do not publish the meeting ID and passwords in the public forums. There are hackers, phishers, and scammers along with several unauthorized people on social platforms who can misuse personal details and harm the reputation of your platform. So, whenever the hosts create their meeting links, you can pop up a caution note not to share the information on other instant messaging platforms and social media networks. 

  • Notification for the users if the meetings are recorded

In some cases, the hosts do not inform the participants about recording the videos. As an app admin, you have to notify users about the recording of the sessions. This will give them a sense of security, and in this way, they feel their privacy is concerned by you. You can show a recording symbol at the top of the virtual sessions to notify them.

Top-notch features that will enrich the user experience of your app

The robust Zoom clone script should have the following features that can help in the seamless flow of your app,

  • Easy registration process where the users can quickly login with the app. You can just ask for their email address, or phone number, or social network account to register with the app. 
  • Allow the hosts or presenters to share their screens with other users to enhance their participation. Moreover, you can also permit them to share their graphs, images, and slides with other users.
  • Once the meeting begins, the participants can ask their questions in the common forum by posting their queries on the comment box. 
  • The virtual hand-raising option will help the users to notify the host in advance to clear their doubts and queries. 
  • At the end of the meetings or webinars, the hosts can share the documents with the users for future reference. 
  • The users can also opt for a premium subscription and get additional features to record the sessions. 

Wrapping up,

Post the coronavirus pandemic, video conferencing apps have become so popular among people. Moreover, it was the only way for them to connect with others. This gave a sudden rise in the user base for techpreneurs. Several business entities largely utilize these platforms to organize their conferences and meetings laying out a plan at this time to develop a Zoom clone for business will be a brilliant idea. 

Reveal your objectives now and start working on developing a perfect Zoom clone app exclusively for enterprises!

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