How to Exercise When You’re on a Budget

How to Exercise When You’re on a Budget

Exercising does not have to include going to the gym on a regular basis and paying for the services you do not even use, but it is about performing physical activity to keep yourself healthy and fit. Exercise comes in different shapes and forms, especially when you cannot be extravagant in terms of budget, and hence you have to thrift your ways of reducing the two pounds.

It is rightly said that necessity is the mother of invention, our necessity of being broke made us invent these new cheap but effective ways of losing the extra pound gained. The damned pizza.

It is not necessary to spend a lot of money to keep healthy or fit. setting objectives should be the initial goal. Decide how much you want to shed of a make your exercise plan around it.

Carbohydrates are broken down into glucose and stored in the liver as glycogen when we consume them. The human Carbohydrates are used up first as a source of energy by the body process of nutrients absorption.

However, overconsumption of carbohydrates leads to an imbalance in nutrient absorption and decreases the release of stored fat reserves from the body. Hence exercising must be combined with a diet that does not have a lot of calorie intake.

Let us now have a look at some thrifty ways of exercising the lazy tiger out of us:

Running Errands

We mean this literally if you need to run errands instead of using your vehicle to get there, try walking or even running down to the store to add some sort of physical activity to the day. Besides, you also contribute less to pollution and help to save the earth. Amen.

Walk your pet

If you have a pet, I am sure (Unless it is a cat) It would be very happy to walk around and run around a little, and this can be your outlet to exercise a little too.

Walk with family

Taking a walk with your family or your significant other or for your kids for that matter does not seem like a bad thing to do, right?

All your loved ones can all be a part of your weight loss journey, and besides, it counts as bonding time. You can track your progress on your Fitbit or watches and compare it with each other like a fun competition, and by the end of the week, whoever has the most number of steps gets to have one cheat meal or a present.

Walk to places

Now walking to your aunt’s place, which is an hour away, is not hard, but if your place of work or your kid’s school is close enough or at a walking distance, you could reach there by walking.

Workout while working

This may sound absurd, but it is doable; you can do butt clenches on your desk at work, or if you work from home, you can literally stretch during meetings; any little thing counts as exercise as long as it gets you moving.

If you do not work at a desk, you can move around the house and clean it every day; it ensures your house is Monica clean and also you are actually working out.

Dance away your pounds

Some people suck at dancing, but some are born with the talent of dancing.

Even so, if you think dancing is fun you should use it as a way to enjoy yourself as it is a very effective way to exercise. We recommend twerking to Beyonce any day over squats is something you don’t like and think about it. You literally have to groove to your favorite song and makeup dance moves and physically move too and voila you are exercising.

Some people practice Zumba, which again is a great way to get your heart pumping.

Window Shopping

Now, if any of the above ways did not interest you and if you like shopping, you can go walk in a mall, do not use the elevator or the escalator; instead, walk around the stairs, look around for things and stroll around the mall if that is what you like.

It is the thought that matters in terms of buying something.

Do something other than walking or running.

Exercise must not be associated with running or walking, and it is, in fact, not just limited to that.

You can play a sport. Sports are a fun activity, a way to lose weight, and pretty enjoyable.

You can play racquetball or basketball or go swimming; these are all pretty good exercises too and are a lot cheaper than gym subscriptions, I am sure.


To conclude, exercising does not have to cost you a lot of money or make you unhappy; it is something you must want to do of your own will, and you will realize it is great for your body and head.

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