How to Fix Common Canon Printer Ink Problems?

If you purchase a home printer, as well as expensive cartridges of ink to install it you’ll want it to function without a hitch. What do you do if you’re having issues with your ink cartridges?

We’ve conducted surveys of more than eight thousand which members to get more information about the printers they have and the cartridges they top them off with. After analyzing this information we were able to identify the three most frequent printer issues, cartridge problems and how do I reset my Canon printer to factory settings? 

Problem: The cartridge isn’t working in the printer

It’s a common issue for the majority of printer owners. When you insert a new cartridge in, and the printer displays ‘not recognized or thinks that the cartridge is empty, and will not print.

Just taking the cartridge out and then putting it back could help to get it working. If not, it could be a problem with the cartridge’s chip. In this scenario, if all else fails, you’ll be able to obtain either a replacement or a refund from the store that provided you with the cartridge – particularly if it’s a third-party ink labeled as compatible with the printer you purchased.

Problem: Print heads

Cleaning the printer is the most effective method to clear any obstructions in the heads of the printer. Most of the time it’s simple to locate on the menu of your printer however, it is recommended to consult the manual for specific instructions for your particular device.

It’s important to note that when you’re using third-party ink that doesn’t come with the same formula as the printer-branded ink. If the ink is of a different consistency that could block your printer’s head which could result in dots being printed or not having colors.

If your printer is a combination color cartridge that has three colors in the same cartridge, your printhead is probably within the cartridge. If this is the case the print head that is blocked isn’t the end of all worlds. When you purchase the cartridge again, it will come with a brand new print head.

If, however, you find that the printer heads a part of the printer, and you are unable to get rid of the issue, you could require replacing this print head. This could mean it’s more affordable to purchase a new printer.

Problem: Ink leak Cartridges

A leaky cartridge doesn’t always indicate a mess all over the over. If you notice that the printer not working, but look it up and you’ll see some ink within the cartridge. This problem could be more prevalent with third-party cartridge users we surveyed in our survey than with printers with inks that are branded.

If the cartridge isn’t able to create a seal that is strong at the time of inserting, air could enter and prevent it from functioning properly or the cartridge could leak.

Sometimes, you can repair leaks by removing the cartridge, then putting it back into place however, be careful not to press too hard or it could cause damage to your printer. If the cartridge is said as compatible with your printer you might still be able to get it repaired if it leaks.

Try printer with reset

We contacted a variety of cartridge dealers for tips to resolve issues with ink. We suggested: “A range of issues are fixable by removing the cartridges from cleaning the contact chip of the cartridge before putting it back to the printer (after switching it off by plug). This will clear the printer’s memory and guarantees any static or dust that could cause registration issues is eliminated. This can fix more issues than you think.

Fixes for printers

A sequence of pressing could reset certain printers, thereby resolving the issue. For instance, certain Canon printers with tri-color cartridges (three colors of ink in one cartridge) can use refills by pressing on the cancel key for 6 seconds.

Instructions for these types of repairs and overrides could be included inside your cartridge’s packaging.

What are your rights if you purchase a defective cartridge?

If a cartridge doesn’t function, you shouldn’t get kept out of pockets. In the Consumer Rights Act 2015, the product must be described ‘as it is as described, of satisfactory quality and fit to function. If a cartridge claimed as compatible with your device is unable to function when properly installed You can request the seller for a replacement or, if still within the 30 days following purchase, a full refund if you would prefer.

If you purchased the cartridge before the time you’ll need to use it you are still able to go back to the retailer with a complaint. If, however, you purchased the cartridge for more than six months before identifying the issue, the burden is on you to show that the cartridge was not what it was advertised as in good condition, or of acceptable quality, or suitable for the purpose at the time that cartridge arrived.

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